YouTuber stats Which Pokémon is the most popular in the series?

If the Freak game doesn’t fail to play like that of all Pokemon in the series, it’ll be like throwing the stinky shard on the most popular line. The best thing about Pokemon is how loved and adored they are than Fidough. But these Pokemon are still unpopular and forgotten over time. However, this type of Pokémon is of interest to YouTuber Thomas Game Docs, who recently questioned whether Pokémon are officially the least popular in the series.


To do this, Thomas Game Docs bought Google ad space so they could get Google analytics and track how many times each Pokemon was searched for. The higher the number of searches, the less popular the Pokémon. Of course, Pikachu is probably the most popular Pokemon on the internet, racking up around four million searches per month.

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If you like Gen 5, you can leave now, until you are able to write more sections. In fact, the ten most popular Pokémon are eight from Black & White, and Vanillish, Duosion, and Whirlipede fall into three categories: 10.9, 9, and 8. Even the series’ most popular Pokémon is in a similar situation. ; on the front page, the horrid meerkat Watchog is in the 8100 list each month, with only 9.25 search numbers.

It’s no surprise given that Watchog doesn’t seem like such a good competitor, as he’s far too annoying to be kind. The ugly yellow lines across Watchog’s eyes seem to freak out most Thomas Game Docs fans, which is totally understandable. It’s something that will likely expose people, but if you’re the most popular Pokémon in the series, you’ll have something to do.

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