Why Highschool of the Dead probably won’t have a second season

high school of the dead created nearly 12 years ago in Japan. The anime, which follows the journey of a group of teenagers attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse, was generally well received by critics and has now become infamous for its graphic violence, bizarre sense of humor and the blatant sexualization of its characters.

However, after only one season (which ends on a cliffhanger), many fans wondered what happened to prevent this NSFW series from being renewed. For those who weren’t around at the time or haven’t had a chance to research the show, this can all seem rather confusing.

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Written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō, high school of the dead debuted in the September 2006 issue of Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age magazine. In 2007, Shobo and Shoten began producing tankobon volumes of the published chapters, and continued to do so until 2011. By the time the seventh and final tankobon was released, the manga had over three million copies circulating in Japan. The series has become so popular online through the use of scanlations that its writers included an English message in the printing of the magazine’s fifth chapter, asking readers to purchase the manga when it becomes available.

When high school of the dead was published in English, its second volume climbed to fourth place on The New York Times Best-Selling Manga Listbeating classics such as naruto and blue exorcist. It continued to be well received in Japan and appeared at the top of Oricon’s sales charts several times. To put it simply, a lack of sales or interest was not the reason for High School of the Dead premature end. Both the manga and the anime were huge hits, and fans were eagerly awaiting what was to come.

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Unfortunately, the manga’s screenwriter, Daisuke Sato, fell ill in 2008, making the production of the series increasingly difficult to manage. This led to the manga being put on hiatus until 2010 – the same year high school of the deadThe anime adaptation of aired in Japan – although even when the writer returned, nothing else was created. In April 2013, high school of the dead received a brief comeback thanks to the release of a single chapter; however, none of the main characters were present. Instead, the chapter showed the police clearing out the school and a group of other survivors contained inside.

Unfortunately, in 2011, Sato was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and his condition gradually worsened over the following years. Shortly after the release of High School of the Dead now the last chapter, the manga has been put on hiatus again. Sato died in 2017 at 52 years old.

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In 2019, high school of the dead co-creator Shouji Sato was interviewed by Comic Natalie, where he addressed the death of his friend, and why the series was not going to continue. “Overseas fans who don’t know the details of the situation are saying, ‘draw a sequel right now,’ but it’s not that easy,” he said. “We are saddened that the work has stopped halfway, but just thinking about Daisuke Sato makes me think that I cannot get involved carelessly.”

While fans are no doubt saddened that high school of the dead won’t be revived anytime soon, it’s honorable that Shouji Sato sees Daisuke as integral to the making of the manga; it’s a respectful decision to keep the series within its legacy. Although the story of what happened to this series is unpleasant, fans can always go back and read the manga or watch the 2010 anime. It’s still just as weird and controversial as it was in 2010 and is worth a watch. for anyone who hasn’t experienced it before.

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