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New York, April 18: Playing video games can help you make real friendships. Although old-school parents may believe that keeping their kids indoors and playing video games all day prevents them from meeting new people outdoors, a new study reveals the exact opposite. In fact, in the past 18 months, the average American has made five new online friendships through video games.

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, the average gamer has become so close to his online friends that he would invite four of them to his wedding! In fact, since the start of the pandemic, 39% of people have observed a growth in their list of friends.

Aside from friendships, more than half of gamers (46%) think it’s crucial their loved ones play video games, which is understandable given that 43% of gamers have dated someone they have met online.

The game can teach you a lot about the real world

Sixty-four percent of respondents say they treasure their video games because they let them interact with others and make them feel less alone.

Almost as many people say buying a new video game helps them feel happier.

The survey, which was commissioned by World of Warships and carried out by OnePoll, found that video games helped six out of ten people learn more about the real world.

Three out of four players have conducted real-world research as a result of their games, and 57% consider themselves experts on the issues they seek as a result of their online casino websites.

Passions in the game and in the real world

People used movies (73%), TV shows (68%) and music (66%) to supplement their overall knowledge in addition to online games.

People used movies (73%), TV shows (68%) and music (66%) to supplement their overall knowledge in addition to online games.

Movies/TV shows (70%) and video games (62%) also increased respondents’ connections to their real-world passions.

For many, this means playing video games that reflect their interests, such as racing games (12%), boxing games (9%) and realistic simulations (9%). (9 percent).

Additionally, more than six in ten (62%) say their games have inspired them to pursue new goals in life.

“Everyone has the right to play video games. In a statement, Artur Plociennik, regional publishing director at World of Warships, said: “Whatever your interests, everyone can discover and participate in a game that resonates with their passions.

“If you’re interested in a particular subject, like naval history, chances are you’re already watching videos, reading books, and debating it with others online.” Playing the game allows you to immerse yourself even more while allowing you to participate in a thriving community.”

Realistic or fantasy video games

While many people love video games for their educational value, research reveals that there is disagreement over whether games should be realistic or fantasy-based.

A third of gamers (35%) prefer games that accurately depict the real world, while 17% choose more imaginative and unrealistic settings.

However, almost four in ten (39%) prefer a combination of the two main game types, with 36% preferring a plot based on realism and 22% preferring an unrealistic aesthetic.

According to 33% of players, character and vehicle design should be split 50/50.

Sixty-four percent said they like fantasy games because they can immerse themselves in a world other than their own.

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