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There are many genres and subgenres of games. Despite this, there are only a few particular formats that rule the roost when it comes to best-selling charts for PC and game consoles.

From action-adventure games to first-person shooters and sports titles, sometimes it seems like games are getting more stereotypical and similar to each other. However, that’s only true if you close your eyes to the ferment of creativity taking place in indie and developer-led spaces across the industry.

These regions tell a distinctly different story and are home to a host of innovative and genre-defining titles to explore. Below, we take a look at some vastly underrated game genres. Not all of them are necessarily obscure, but most are criminally neglected and ripe with new gaming experiences to dive into.

Classic Games

Classics include all games that are adaptations of traditional physical recreational titles. These range from old school strategy tests to casino titles and even popular board games. Nowadays, it is possible to discover a lot of them in a modern video game format.

Chess is a powerful example. With its origins dating back to the 6th century AD on the Indian subcontinent, it is one of the oldest continuously played games still enjoyed today. While its physical version remains dominant, virtual forms of chess such as those offered by platforms like Chess.com have grown in prestige over the past decade. This led to the rediscovery of chess by a new generation, earning it the current status of one of the fastest growing esports in the world.

Another type of gambling that has a long history, especially in North America, is slot machine gambling. The first slot machine was invented by a German immigrant to North America, Charles Fey, who developed the Liberty Bell slot machine at the turn of the 20th century. Slots have made the leap into software form over the past 20 years, and now people play real money slots online in canadawhere the online gaming market experiences a steady growth rate of 7.21% through 2026 to reach an estimated market volume of $461 million.


Roguelikes and Roguelites both draw inspiration from the basic format set by classic 1980s dungeon-crawling Rogue. This means procedurally generated combat and exploration, and in the case of the former, the ever-threatening presents permanent death. Roguelites, on the other hand, features a metagame overlay allowing the attributes, items, or unlockables you acquire from game to game to last.

That’s not to say they’re necessarily easier, far from it, but they do offer more incentives to keep playing and unlocking new features. Many reviews of Hades, the latest game released by the Supergiant Games studio, clearly demonstrate that it is among the best Roguelites to have emerged in recent years. In this title, you are tasked with fighting your way out of the Greek underworld through hordes of procedurally generated enemies.

Death expectation is built into the game mechanics, which means that instead of being frustrated with every failure, you welcome the opportunity to learn more about the world and encounter new dialogues and events. . Other notable examples of Roguelites that have emerged in recent years are Dead Cells, FTL: Faster Than Light, and The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth.


Colony simulators

Seemingly a combination of resource management and survival gameplay, the best colony simulators keep enough curveballs flying towards you for new and engrossing stories to emerge as you and your small community struggle to overcome each successive challenge.

A prime example of the genre is RimWorld, which is consistently ranked as one of best colony sims on steam according to user reviews thanks to its compelling AI storytelling and engaging gameplay. This 2013 title has been steadily developed since its release and now offers unimaginable depth for strategic players. Your small colony of space travelers has crash-landed on a procedurally-generated planet and must build everything from refrigerators to a guiding philosophy if they are to survive disease, raids, psychological breakdown and death. climate disaster.

Rendered in a quirky 2D style, this game rewards each new playthrough with new achievements. Honorable mentions in the colony sim genre include 2014’s medieval-flavored Banished and the highly anticipated upcoming post-apocalyptic city builder, Atomic Society.

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