Tower of Fantasy comes with top free mobile games on day of release in 22 countries

Tower of Fantasy, which gave the highly successful and popular MMO Genshin Impact a run for its money, saw plenty of numbers on day one. With the popularity of the games, it has been placed in the rankings of the top 22 free games in the countries.

The game can be played on mobile or PC from the Windows Store. The game topped the mobile charts in 22 different countries. The game was highly anticipated before its release, and many Genshin Impact players were looking for a new game.

World Wide Open World Award Runners in 10 countries! Thanks for your help. We hope you will always play with you on your adventures! @toF #ToF

Tower of terrorism (@ToF_FRA) August 10, 2022 2022

The game is packed with beautifully crafted music and entertaining combat mechanics. The fantasy genre is preferred to watch the game.

Character customization options are another big draw of the game. As far as I know, players can create character prescriptions like in other games such as Final Fantasy. This takes Tower of Fantasy to another level, since players can import or use custom characters in their character-specific settings. There’s even a community creations area in the lobby where players can sort presets by when they were created or by preset popularity.

The Tower of Fantasy movie was released in China in December 2021 and had no good promise. Over 15 million gamers pre-registered in China, but game profits suddenly plummeted a few months before the game was released.

The hype doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, but most of the time fans are quite upset with the game. It doesn’t allow Chinese support for the international release. Fans are starting to get wet in this new MMO.

The game, titled Tower of Fantasy, was released on August 11 internationally. Players have started to wonder if this game is really a Genshin killer.

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