Top Ten Tuesday: 2022 Sunday Night Football Games on NBC

If you missed it last week, I’ve ranked the best Thursday Night Football games to watch on Amazon Prime Video this season. Today we go to SNF. Mike Tirico will be calling his first full season of Sunday Night Football this year, and it’s the best of the best on the 2022 Sunday Night Football Schedule on NBC.

10. Week 12: Packers vs. Eagles

I didn’t realize how completely stacked the 2022 Sunday Night Football schedule was until I tried to rank the games. Bengals-Steelers (Week 11), Chargers-49ers (Week 10), Colts-Cowboys (Week 13) and Bengals-Ravens (Week 5) could all have made the cut. But I’m optimistic about the Eagles’ chances of competing in the NFC this season after adding more star power and depth this offseason, and it could be a potential playoff preview in Week 12. Aaron Rodgers illuminated Philadelphia in the past, so it will be interesting to see how the Eagles’ revamped defense can hold up this time around. And Jalen Hurts saw his first major action when he took over from Carson Wentz in midgame in December 2020; it will be Hurts’ first time against Green Bay since that impressive appearance that saw him as the starting quarterback.

9. Week 9: Titans vs. Chiefs

The Titans beat the Chiefs in awe-inspiring fashion last season, but both franchises have had some very memorable games in recent seasons, including two playoff matchups. By the time Week 9 rolls around, the Titans will hopefully have found their stride offensively after parting ways with AJ Brown and Julio Jones while adding Treylon Burks and Robert Woods this offseason – and the Chiefs have also revamped their receiving body in a major way after the exchange. away from Tyreek Hill. Titans-Chiefs should be a close and well-played game after Tennessee knocked out the AFC foe at home last year.

8. Week 15: Patriots vs. Raiders

The game will take place in Las Vegas rather than Foxboro, but Josh McDaniels’ reunion with Bill Belichick and the Patriots is high on the 2022 NFL schedule. In McDaniels’ second go-around as head coach, he’ll try to look more like himself without trying too hard to implement the Patriot Way, and New England will try to advance the offense under quarterback- sophomore fullback Mac Jones sans McDaniels runs the show. This contest should have playoff implications, and it’s tough to beat the Raiders’ stadium black on Sunday night.

7. Week 6: Cowboys vs. Eagles

2021 included a Monday Night Football matchup that didn’t go well for the Eagles, but Philly-Dallas just feels right at home on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. League teams are expected to click in mid-October, so we should know a lot about what the Eagles and Cowboys are in time for this one. The defending NFC East champions Cowboys have handled their rival in recent matchups, but the Eagles are looking to make a leap forward in Year 2 under head coach Nick Sirianni.

6. Week 1: Buccaneers vs. Cowboys

I considered putting this well into the top five as we will have been waiting all summer Sunday night in early September. But SNF has so many great season-ending matchups that their first of the year lands at No. 6. Bucs-Cowboys will be a rematch of the 2021 season opener, which was a memorable battle Tampa Bay won while Tom Brady and Dak Prescott combined for 782 passing yards and seven touchdowns. And with all the rumors that Ezekiel Elliott will be healthier and look more like himself in 2022, we’ll see if Dallas even wants to test that against an elite Bucs defense.

5. Week 17: Rams vs Chargers

The Rams are the defending Super Bowl champions, while the Chargers have in many ways been treated as second fiddle to Los Angeles, but there’s no doubt that both teams are hugely talented, and that should be seen as a great battle of Los Angeles. in the penultimate week of the regular season. Both sides of the field will be stacked with talent and big names, but the Rams-Chargers loom as a potential scream. Keep in mind that this will also determine many fantasy football league matches as the penultimate game for many final weeks.

4. Week 14: Chiefs vs. Broncos

This ranking is based on the assumption that the Broncos take a step up in contender status after acquiring Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seahawks this offseason. The stakes should be high on the second Sunday of December in what is expected to be a very tight AFC West division. Everyone knows Patrick Mahomes can turn it on anytime, including prime time; but I’m not sure Wilson is recognized enough for the success he’s had in night games (29-11 record, best among active quarterbacks).

3. Week 8: Packers vs. Bills

Josh Allen and the Bills were stopped in Allen’s only game against the Packers as a rookie in 2018, but things are much different now, including the offensive supporting cast at Buffalo, which now includes Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, Devin Singletary, Dawson Knox, James Cook and a solid offensive line. Plus, this game will be set in New York, where we know the Bills fanbase will be wild and hard-hitting; this could easily be the best environment of any SNF game in 2022. Allen and Aaron Rodgers just played in The gameand it will be great to see two of the most talented quarterbacks in history on the court, leading Super Bowl hopes this fall.

2. Week 16: Buccaneers vs. Cardinals

The Christmas Night setting for this game gives it a big bump to the No. 2 spot in the ranking of the NFL’s Best Sunday Night Football Games for 2022. All Christmas Day games held in cities hot are a disappointment, but at least Bucs-Cardinals should be an entertaining matchup. We’re obviously still a long way from that, but one of the keys to the game I’m going to watch is how Kyler Murray performs against a stingy Tampa Bay defense that has the personnel to contain him as a runner while generating a fast pass rush. In what could be Tom Brady’s final season, it’ll be cool to have him play this Christmas.

1. Week 4: Chiefs vs Buccaneers

The first Sunday Night Football game that NBC wanted to reveal was this one.

Super Bowl LV didn’t go well for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs when they were shut down by the Buccaneers, who went all out in Tom Brady’s first year with the franchise. But Kansas City took the lead and won their game this regular season – and we were treated to some classics with Brady and Mahomes on either side. Expect plenty of hype for the game on October 2, and we’ll see what answers Mahomes and company have this time around.

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