Tips for becoming a famous author in the game

In BitLife Simulator, you can become whatever you desire to be and you write your own history decisions. You can choose to become an actor, army chief, brain surgeon, famous author, etc. Some careers really help you get rich and famous as you progress through the game. In this guide, we will discuss how to become a professional writer and how to become a famous author later in the game. life simulator.

How to Become a Famous Author in BitLife Simulator

Statistics requirement

If you want to start your career as a Writer, you need to focus on two main things. One is to make sure you have a high smart stat bar and it shouldn’t fall below 80%. The smart bar shows how smart and intelligent you are as a person.

The next thing is to make you happy and physically healthy. You must always maintain the green bars of happiness and health. To increase your smart stats, you need to visit the library often, read books, and study harder in your primary and secondary schools. Good grades are also a sign of your intelligence.

After graduation

After graduating from high school, look for jobs with the role of a Writer (Editor). Although you do not find such jobs at first glance and the chances are significantly less. You need to get older and keep looking for jobs in the list.

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Once you find the relevant job as a writer, apply for the same and pass the interview. After you pass the interview, work hard for 20 long years to reach the Writing career achievement. During these years of hard work, you will get a writer’s ribbon and it will be added to the ribbon collection. Once you manage to earn this ribbon, your salary will grow from peanuts to a big amount like magic. Players will then surely enjoy the fame and luxury of online shopping and buying properties.

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