The Squid Game Holiday Sweater Features All Six Games From The Show


Merchoid’s Netflix Squid Game Holiday Sweater features all six games in the series, with shapes from the series forming holiday imagery.

A Squid game The holiday sweater features designs from the six deadly games in the series. The Korean Netflix series premiered on September 17 and follows the story of Seong Gi-hun, a hapless gambling addict who embarks on a survival game in hopes of winning a big cash prize. Along with 455 other contestants, Gi-hun must play children’s games which, if lost, result in the player’s death. With nearly two billion minutes of viewing on Netflix, Squid game was successful thanks to word of mouth and strong localization support, with subtitles in 37 languages.

With Squid game being the biggest international hit to have graced the small screen in a long time, it’s no surprise to see the flood of merchandise impatient fans are ready to buy. The show’s unique costume design made it an easy choice for many Halloween celebrants, leading to a significant increase in sales of white vans in early October. But it’s important to remember that Christmas is just around the corner, and Squid game fans have the option to get out before the holiday shopping rush.

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A new sweater from Merchoid combines classic Christmas motifs with the iconography of the entire series. All six Squid gamechallenges are depicted, along with the four Ppopgi shapes featured in Episode 3, and the shapes on the guard’s masks are even used to form Christmas trees and snowflakes. The sweaters are available in sizes from XS to XXXL, in male and female fits, with the site saying the product is selling fast. The sweater is just one of many Squid game merch items on offer, with Funko Pops and honeycomb treats also available for purchase. Check out the design of the sweater below:

With a passionate fan base behind her, Squid gameThe success of shows that Korean drama can find audiences internationally, and it certainly helps that the series is conducive to items like the Merchoid sweater. One of the highlights of the show is its design, with the brutal reality of life in the outside world contrasting against the vivid colors and MC Escher architecture of the tournament complex. While the distinct player and goalie costumes naturally translated into a holiday like Halloween, this sweater demonstrates the adaptability of the series’ symbols and should Squid game popularity postponed, there’s no reason to think Valentine’s Day and Easter aren’t next.

Even with all this merchandising, however, Squid game‘S success comes from its high-stakes storytelling, strong visual sensibility, and memorable character build. Viewers around the world recognize and identify with its universal themes of survival and economic inequality, and viewers are encouraged to ask what they would do under such dire circumstances. Fortunately, they won’t have to find out, and knowing that no one Actually playing deadly children’s games makes it much easier to feel very happy about buying a new one Squid game sweater this holiday season.

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