The most iconic Otaku characters in games

One of the best ways to engage audiences in a game, its world, and its story is to make the cast more accessible. Finding characters with similar mannerisms or interests to yourself is a great way to really connect with a character and care about them and their journey through time.

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Almost any video game character can fall into a loose stereotype or archetype; like the jock, the playboy, and of course, the beloved otaku. An otaku is described as someone obsessed with computers and parts of pop culture; namely anime, manga, video games. Here are the most iconic otaku characters in video games.


8 Alphys (Undertale)

Alphys is a reptile that resides in the laboratory of Subtitle‘s Hotland and is a highly respected scientist. She is a rather stereotypical “nerdy otaku” and is quite smart and shy most of the time, often having trouble expressing her feelings in social situations.

Alphys, being a small yellow reptile/reptilian monster, has an unusual fondness for the human manga and anime genres. It’s clear that Alphys is into romance and daydreaming about her life and love interests (just like other otakus), but hopefully the shy scientist can find the courage to come out of her shell one day. to make his dreams come true.

7 Anghel Higure (Hatoful Boyfriend)

Anghel Higure (real name Yoshio Akagi) is one of the many charming birds players can fall in love with. hateful boyfriend, the infamous bird dating simulation game. Anghel is a bleeding heart dove from Luzon and believes that his signature red mark on his chest is an Avatar of Destruction sealed within him. While it might seem like a stretch at first, a closer look at Anghel’s personality makes it all make sense.

Anghel is the epitome of LARPing (live action role-playing) and lives every day of his life as if he were the protagonist of his own JRPG. It is constantly seen conversing with other birds in cryptic language and addressing everyone with fantastic names or titles. Besides his occasional LARP, Anghel is a member of the school’s manga club and even draws manga himself, hoping to become a mangaka one day!

6 Tsumugi Shirogane (Danganronpa V3)

Being a true otaku who dedicates himself to his favorite anime or manga series means getting attached to all the beloved characters in them. Tsumugi’s Danganronpa V3 holds the title of Ultimate Cosplayer and states that her desire to dress up as her favorite characters stems from her love for them. She condemns other cosplayers who cosplay just to get attention.

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Tsumugi is a typical otaku and is constantly seen fumbling over her words, talking about being introverted, or sneaking into quotes or trivia (which often go unnoticed or fly over others’ heads) from her favorite shows when talking with the group.

5 D.Va/Hana Song (Overwatch)

There’s nothing more otaku than making video games your whole business, that’s exactly what SurveillanceHana Song (aka did. Prior to joining Overwatch, was a professional eSports athlete. has a ton of vocal lines that are all quintessential “gamer” references; his most iconic being “nerf this” after sending his robot to self-destruct for his Ultimate.

After a shortage of pilots, MEKA (the mobile exo-force of the Korean army) began to recruit professional gamers in the hope that the dexterity and reflexes they used for the game would transfer well to piloting. a mech.

Luckily for the South Korean government and military, became a perfect pilot and even learned to tune her gear to become her own mechanic. is proof that being an otaku can open new doors leading to incredible opportunities!

4 Chipp Zanuff (Guilty Equipment)

Chipp Zanuff is the Guilty EquipmentThe resident otaku character who manages to get a ton of love despite being a bit grumpy. Chipp comes from a very troubled past that involved drugs, heavy addiction and street fighting. Eventually, Chipp was picked up by a man named Tsuyoshi who offered him the help he needed.

The beginning of Chipp’s obsession with Japan and Japanese culture is a pretty sweet story. Tsuyoshi basically saved Chipp from a dark life and trained him in the art of ninjutsu. It was from Chipp’s great respect and his master’s idolatry that he sought to learn more about the culture from which he was learning the art.

From then on, Chipp became the stereotypical otaku, even tipping into “weeaboo” territory and using random/nonsensical words like “sukiyaki”, “kamikaze”, and “sushi” as battle cries! Unfortunately, it seems Tsuyoshi didn’t get a chance to teach Chipp proper Japanese phrases.

3 Hifumi Yamada (Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc)

Just from the title of Hifumi Yamada in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, anyone could conclude that Hifumi is a self-proclaimed otaku. Hifumi holds the title of Ultimate Fanfic Creator and allows his flowery writing style to bleed into his everyday vocabulary.

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Hifumi is not only the number one fanfic creator, he is incredibly passionate about his craft and dedicates his life to anime and the art of fanfiction, often bashing others who don’t like him. Hifumi may be a talented and dedicated writer and otaku, but hopefully his intolerance of people who disagree with him doesn’t make others think that all otaku are equally snobby.

2 Travis Touchdown (more heroes)

Iconic protagonist and anti-hero of the more heroes series, Travis Touchdown isn’t even a little shy when it comes to flaunting his otaku side. Upon his introduction, Travis is seen in a motel room littered with anime and manga, as well as collectibles and memorabilia from video games. Travis’ most notable otaku obsession is the magical mecha girl series, “Pure White Lover’s Bizarre Jelly”, which is an anime series that doesn’t actually exist in real life.

The anime series “Pure White” and the collectibles seen in more heroes were made specifically for the game and even have two episodes that explore the adventures of main characters Strawberry, Blueberry, and Cranberry. All in an effort to give Travis the authentic otaku feel, portraying him as a fan of the moe themed aspects of otaku culture in particular.

Otacon is perhaps the most iconic otaku in the world of video games; all this thanks to his famous line when meeting Gray Fox and Snake in Solid metal gear. A talented computer engineer and programmer, Hal Emmerich won MSG fans at the time he showed his love for anime and even got his nickname, Otacon, in reference to Otakon, a well-known anime convention.

Otacon is the perfect example of the typical otaku; he’s into anime and manga, excels at computer-related things, and, adorably enough, sometimes finds himself a bit awkward or shy around the opposite sex. Fortunately, Otacon can always count on Snake to manage social interactions!

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