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With official confirmation that Persona 6 is in development at Atlus, many players are probably looking forward to replaying previous games in the series. However, Atlus didn’t make it easy to revisit the franchise’s first three games, in particular. At the time of writing, the best ways to play all three of these titles are through the PSVita and PS3 stores. A jailbroken PS3 will be able to play all five entries in the series, but gamers shouldn’t have to do so on their system just to have a convenient way to play old games. After seeing the success of the recent Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Atlus should consider creating its own “legendary edition” with the top three Character securities.

Remaster these old games in the Character would be the perfect aperitif for those waiting for the next game, as well as a great entry point for potential new fans. The fact that each game has its own independent story also means that a player can start with the most recent game and work backwards. It’s a great godsend that similar reissues like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Halo: The Master Chief Collection didn’t, as players would be stuck with older graphics and mechanics before progressing. In short, a Character The trilogy would both attract a new audience and generate the most hype for the next one. Persona 6, which could still take years. With how long each game in the series takes to complete, that would give Atlus plenty of time to perfect himself Persona 6.

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The remaster season

Cover of the legendary edition of Mass Effect

Overall, most video game remasters are guaranteed to improve on a number of aspects of the original, such as uptime and gameplay. Others may be considered unnecessary in both respects, such as some The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released. The first three Character games easily fall into the first category, as they are hard to find and could use retouched gameplay and graphics. While Character is no stranger to reissues with added content, like Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Gold, Atlus seems to have forgotten the older titles.

Even if Atlus doesn’t make any significant gameplay changes, apply a fresh coat of paint, and release the remasters for Playstation and PC, it would still be a worthwhile effort for the company. Bioware Mass Effect: Legendary Edition made a lot of gameplay and graphical changes to Mass effect 1 and very little in the second and third games, but it was still a very successful outing. Because of Characterturn-based combat, most players would probably be willing to accept minimal changes and a simple HD port. There just has to be a workable way to replay these games.

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Old games, new audience


There is no doubt that Persona 5 was Atlus’ biggest release to date, with each game focused on Phantom Thieves increasing the fan base. Atlus seems to want to keep Character only on PlayStation, which again means the only place to play Persona 5 Royal is on PS4 and PS5. It should be noted that the original Persona 5following, Forwards Persona 5, was released on Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC. This leads to a strange phenomenon where Switch players can play a sequel to a game that is not available on Switch. In addition, the presence of Persona 5is Joker in Ultimate smash seems to show Atlus’ willingness to bring the Character series to other genres and platforms.

Now that there is a Character title on a console other than PlayStation, there has never been a better time for Atlus to remaster his old titles and bring them to PC and Switch, if not to Xbox as well. This is Atlus’ greatest chance to grow his already faithful Character fanbase to new heights and attract new fans. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition did it for people whose only experience with the show was Mass Effect: Andromeda, and now the future of sci-fi RPG is brighter than ever. Likewise, reverting to the old titles will make players appreciate these new entries even more.

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The fashionable Persona train

Persona 6 25th anniversary

No release date or trailer given for Persona 6, fans probably have at least a year or two to wait before release, barring any major surprises. The series is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, with Persona 1 released September 20, 1996. With that date fast approaching, Atlus would be remiss not to mark this date somehow. It could be a trailer, gameplay, or even a song for Persona 6, but on a date that celebrates the start of the series, that would be much more fitting for a remaster announcement. Even a simple remake of the first game (as it’s the 25th anniversary) would do wonders for the voracious community. However, a Mass Effect: Legendary Edition The remastered style of the first three games would obviously be even better.

Such a remaster would be considered a good look for Atlus, as celebrating the big 25th anniversary will surely be significant for some fans. This is especially true when you consider that everything Nintendo has done to Metroidthe 35th anniversary of was sent a tweet. Granted, this series will have a new game in a few months, but Nintendo missed the opportunity to use this anniversary to generate some hype for this release.

Atlus could officially announce Persona 6 as a way to look to the future while acknowledging the past with a remaster of the top three Character Games. This, combined with the fact that there is no workable system for playing these older games, would make a remastered trilogy an easy home run for Atlus; just like the way the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was a home run for Bioware.

Persona 6 is in development at Atlus Studios.

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persona 5 original concept backpack header
Persona 6 on PS5 could still follow the original Persona 5 pitch

Originally, Persona 5 was very different before a natural disaster brought the game home, but its initial concept still holds promise.

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