The impact of artificial intelligence in online games

Take a look at the impact of artificial intelligence on the online gaming industry


Over the years, we have truly witnessed the giant leaps that technology has taken. Artificial intelligence is probably one of the most amazing things in science. He came into the world with a bang. Just a few years after his conception, he was able to find his way into many Hollywood movies, as the villain that humanity has to contend with (flashbacks from Age of Ultron). Well, while the movies might have been a bit of a stretch, there’s no denying the limitless possibilities that artificial intelligence opens up for us.

In fact, one of the areas most affected by technology is the online gaming industry. If you just visit the Top 17 Online Casinos for Dutch Players, you will be able to see the truth behind this statement. But what exactly does this mean for the industry and its future? In this article, we take a look at the impact artificial intelligence has had on the online gaming industry.

1. Improved experience

Artificial intelligence helps make games more creative and dynamic. This helps create a more engaging environment for the game, which in turn helps players get more involved in the game. Obviously, this improved experience would encourage more and more people to try the game, as everyone wants to escape his boring life every now and then.

People watch movies / series, read books, indulge in hobbies, all to escape the banality of their everyday life. What better way to do it than by playing such games? You will be able to explore amazing virtual worlds and have the chance to earn a few bucks quickly. This definitely kills two birds with one stone!

2. Reduction of human labor

Most of the online games have a large number of people supporting them in the background. There are technical support teams, developers, etc., who try to analyze how the game works in real time and take action to improve it. Or maybe a support team looking at customer feedback to incorporate the changes into the game.

But with AI, you don’t have to do that anymore. Artificial intelligence can automatically save and save the changes it needs to make because AI learns on its own. So, maybe 20 to 30 years later, the teams needed to run these games might be smaller, as the AI ​​would be doing a lot of their work.

3. Better drug addiction control

Because gambling addiction is so common, people usually think of the worst in the industry. Most people have only heard of how gambling ruins someone’s life, so gambling has a very negative image in people’s minds. People are unable to see it as something that can be enjoyed in limited quantities. Even casinos are aware of the risks of online gambling, which is why they have strict addiction control measures.

They try to observe a player’s behavior and patterns in order to monitor them. But manually keeping an eye on EACH of your players can be a daunting task, and it can take months for such patterns to be noticed. But with the introduction of AI in these games, the job would be done faster and more efficiently. It would help to better control gambling addiction.

4. Faster upgrades

With AI, it would be easier to know and understand what gamers expect from these games. As AI is perfectly capable of learning and adapting, it would be able to incorporate changes sooner. This means that the attentive developers on the team would be able to better understand the market and incorporate the necessary changes sooner. So your favorite game could be tweaked slightly to bring it closer to your definition of fun. Quick upgrades mean users won’t want to leave the game as they would be constantly hooked by the upgrades offered to them.

5. Fairer gameplay

Since gambling is a legal gray area in a number of countries, there are thousands of rules and regulations that it must adhere to. But sometimes it may not be possible to keep all the rules and regulations in place. But AI could make sure all rules and regulations are followed to the last letter, and it wouldn’t take long to do so. Additionally, people who attempt to cheat or manipulate the game using hacking would be easily caught. They could be easily banned from the game which would ensure that other players do not experience any injustice in the game when playing.

6. Personalization

Most of the time when you go to play at an online casino you are not playing all of the games available. You try a few that you think you like and then select your favorites. But, here’s the thing. If you’re new and don’t know the names of the games, or what kind of games you might like, you’d be completely lost. But AI can keep track of what kind of games you click and how much time you spend on those games. Based on that, he could suggest what kind of games you would like. A personalized list of suggestions, just for you. As AI improves, its ability to understand and make decisions improves, which in turn improves our gaming experience.


Anything seen as a partnership between artificial intelligence and the online gaming industry could turn out to be the association we didn’t know we needed. There are many sweet benefits that this brings to the experience, and it doesn’t make sense to deny that.

In fact, we might just keep hoping for further improvements in AI, so that we can also see commensurate improvements in the online gaming industry. Until and unless the AI ​​decides to go all-in with Ultron on us, we can enjoy this enhanced sensitivity that AI brings to the virtual world.

What do you think of the article? Let us know your thoughts (so we know you are a sentient being, not an AI. Ha!)

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