The Day – State share of online gaming revenue hit new high in January

Revenue generated for the state from online casino games continued its upward trend last month, reaching $3.4 million.

The new form of gambling, approved last year along with online and retail sports betting by the legislature and introduced in mid-October, resulted in state payments of $2.5 million in November and $2.9 million in December.

Sports betting revenue in January resulted in payments to the state of $1.1 million, up slightly from the $930,000 in payments in December, but below the $1.7 million paid out in November .

Foxwoods Resort Casino outperformed its rival, recording more than $11 million in gross online gaming revenue in January, compared to $7.7 million for Mohegan Sun. Casinos pay 18% of their gross online gaming revenue to the state. Foxwoods paid $2 million and Mohegan Sun, $1.4 million.

Foxwoods also handled more sports betting action in January, taking in $73.7 million in wagers, which generated $4.6 million in gross revenue. Mohegan Sun took in $62 million in wagers, or $2.4 million in gross revenue.

The Connecticut Lottery Corp. took in $13.7 million from online sports betting, grossing $436,508. It brought in an additional $8.7 million in wagers across nine outlets, generating $825,369 in gross revenue.

Casinos and the lottery pay 13.75% of their gross sports betting revenue to the state. Foxwoods paid $635,480, Mohegan Sun paid $333,522, and the lottery paid $173,508.

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun also announced their January slot earnings this week.

Foxwoods retained $24 million after paying out prizes, a 1.9% drop from January 2021, when it retained $24.5 million. Mohegan kept $32.8 million, down 12.7% from the $37.6 million he kept a year ago.

Casinos pay 25% of slot machine revenue to the state. Foxwoods paid $6 million and Mohegan Sun paid $8.2 million.

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