The case for more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon remakes

Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises around, and as such, there have been countless spin-offs from the main series. These spin-offs have taken many forms, but one of the most popular is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, which brings the Pokemon dungeon-crawling world. It is one of the few Pokemon games that put players in direct control of the large roster of pocket monsters, and it’s amassed a decently sized fan base across many entries.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon saw 11 different titles, but only eight of them were released outside of Japan. The series was booming in the DS era, and it got two new entries in the 3DS era. However, the Switch era hasn’t seen much Mystery Dungeon titles beyond a remake of the original two titles in the series. In the era of remakes and remasters, the rest of the Mystery Dungeon series is just waiting for this treatment. If Nintendo doesn’t deliver an all-new entry in the series, it should at least continue the remake train.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX was a great addition

After Super Mystery Dungeon launched on 3DS in 2015, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon the series was discontinued despite the title being well received by critics. In 2020, the series returns with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXwhich featured all-new mechanics that weren’t in the original game but received mixed reception.

Like the main line Pokemon series, Mystery Dungeon used to launch with two separate versions. DX Rescue Team took both Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team versions and remade them for today’s hardware. Fans of the franchise were excited to see the return of this spin-off series, and it looked like it would mark the start of a new era. However, there is no indication that another Mystery Dungeon the title is on its way.

There could very well be a Mystery Dungeon title in the works which fans have not yet been informed, possibly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A brand new game in the series might be even better than the remakes of the original two, but the remakes still aren’t expected to stop. Whatever form the next chapter of the Mystery Dungeon series takes, there should be room for even older titles to return.

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The Mystery Dungeon Series Needs More Remakes

Pokemon is no stranger to remakes given that many major titles have been remade, and the Mystery Dungeon the series should be no different. It gives a unique twist to the Pokemon formula by putting players in control of a Pokémon, tasked with exploring randomly generated dungeons. The roguelike and dungeon-crawler genres fit well with Pokemon concept, and it became one of the most successful spin-off series to date. Remaking the original titles not only lets more people experience this fun concept, but also keeps the series alive while the next iteration is hopefully in development.

One of the big issues facing the industry right now is the preservation of video games, and advancements in hardware are making that difficult. So many games get left behind because there’s no way to play them on modern hardware, and that’s where remakes or remasters come in. The only way people can play some of these old Mystery Dungeon games outside of emulation look for copies with a working DS or 3DS. This may prove difficult as these consoles have been discontinued.

The first two Mystery Dungeon the games have already been remade, which means the 2007 entries should be next. time explorers and Explorers of Darkness were the second games in the franchise, largely similar to the first entries, but with an expanded roster of Pokémon and an all-new story. There was also a third version released in 2009 under the name sky explorers which extended to others.

After these two titles, there was the Japanese exclusive Adventure Team titles, which would be the ideal candidate for a remake. Redoing those entries would bring them to modern hardware with a much wider audience to check them out. They were the only entries to really change the plot by removing the aspect of a human transforming into a Pokémon, and were the first to appear on a home console. People outside of Japan can check out a fan-translated version, but an official version would be better.

The 3DS has also seen some Mystery Dungeon titles that could benefit from a remake. Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon were very similar, also with expanded rosters and new stories. Dual versions disappeared with these two entries and they introduced 3D graphics to the series. The future of Mystery Dungeon the series is unknown, but it will hopefully contain more remakes. The majority of this series is unplayable unless people have original material, and a remake could fix that. It would also give Pokemon the fans even more Mystery Dungeon play, and that’s not a bad thing.

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