The boom in the electronic games market in Saudi Arabia


According to a recent market analysis, the gaming industry will grow to four times the current volume by 2030. This will be impressive growth that is expected to boost investor profits. Saudi Arabia is one of the most emerging countries in terms of investors, whether private or public. Its high volume of investments helps to develop the gaming market in the Middle East region.

New projects to develop the gaming sector in Saudi Arabia

The rise of the electronic games market in Saudi Arabia goes hand in hand with the growth of gaming platforms and sites dedicated to secure real money betting such as this is one of the most popular and trusted sites for active casino games. It is important to point out that casino games cover a significant portion of the overall industry revenue.

Saudi Arabia recently launched new initiatives to encourage the growth of online gaming. Among the latest innovative measures is the Game Mode project of the Communication and Information Technologies Commission (CITC). This project aims to help telecom operators to engage in secure competition. Other initiatives include the work of Telcos which provides players with great experience, high level market transparency and key data on market trends to assist investors.

Improving the online experience and telecommunications is the key to success: this is why the Game Mode Initiative includes the launch of a special award for the best video game service provider. As you can see, the Saudi gaming market is booming like never before, with a growth rate of 22%, one of the highest in the world. In addition, the market will develop in the field of eSports in the next two or three years.

Reasons for the boom in the gaming market in Saudi Arabia

If you are new to the world of electronic games, you might be wondering why it works so well as an industry. There are several factors that can explain the real growth of the market, but one of the most relevant factors is that the pandemic has accelerated the penetration of the Internet into people’s daily lives. Frequent shutdowns result in longer periods of time at home, which means more time spent on internet entertainment and free time activities, including video games.

Another relevant factor that drives the gaming market is the introduction of 5G connections among the population. Thanks to the faster connection to the Internet, more and more people are feeling encouraged to try digital games. Finally, it must be considered that around two-thirds of the Saudi population are under the age of 30 and that young people are more likely to spend their time in video games than the elderly.

The gaming market in Saudi Arabia is mostly mobile driven due to the country’s urban population. Interestingly, the video game appears to be roughly equally popular with men and women. Despite all expectations, average video game users are console gamers reaching 41% of total users (mobile users are slightly lower than PC users, 32% and 33% respectively).

The most played games by Saudi gamers and why they play them

This investigation conducted by Consumer Insight reveals that a very high percentage of Saudi gamers (around 39%) enjoy playing puzzle games on mobile. But there’s more to the gaming trends of the Saudi online population: Sports games cover 34% of total most played games. This genre comes second on mobile after puzzle games. Third place is reserved for racing games, while adventure games deserve fourth place.

Beyond these more popular genres, there are also casual genres and esports (these are more popular in Saudi Arabia than other MENA countries).

Why do Saudi gamers choose to play puzzle and sports games more often than adventure games? One reason is that people need a simple brain-boosting hobby, but another reason is that the average gamer craves the thrill of competition. Due to recent blockages, many players feel the need to get away from everyday life.

We should also mention that many people feel lonely and are looking for social games to make new friends and share their gaming experience. Several gamers play video games to earn money. Real money games are also an important part of the video game market as they help in the growth of the market’s revenue.

In conclusion, gamers should be proud of their gaming activity. Recent studies point out that gamers have a more positive outlook on life and better problem-solving skills than non-gamers. Surprisingly, players have a better chance of getting a good job thanks to the many brain skills they develop through video games.

It seems like playing video games is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to improve foundational skills for life.

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