The Biggest Technological Advancements in Online Gambling

Online gaming is not something new in our lives, but it has reached new heights over the past few years and one of the keys to this growth is the number of technological advancements the industry has seen. . These advancements have helped many game companies to not only improve their games, their layouts, but also the functionality of players and the way they approach their platforms.

We’ll take a closer look at the exciting technologies that have fueled this popularity. Many of these advancements you see below are for recommended slot games that are admired by both casino pros and novices alike!

3D Animations

Slot machines are not only one of the most played online games, but they are a perfect example to use when looking at the impact of technology on gaming. Many of the greatest technological advancements are designed for them. The very first online slots were incredibly basic, with little to no animations.

To keep players interested and excited to play their machines, slot game developers have started developing methods to make their machines stand out while adding more atmosphere and showmanship. One of the biggest developments to do this was to add 3D animations to their games.

These animations have gotten to the point where they are almost cinematic quality, with storylines built into the games to really draw the player in as they play. Gone are the days of mindlessly pressing the spin button – now you get a little adventure every time you play!

Mobile Games

We’re a long way from having to sit in front of a desktop computer or a noisy, overheating games console – mobile technology has rapidly advanced to the point where gamers can play almost any game on the go.

It’s the ultimate level of comfort. Gamers can just pull out their phone no matter where they are and as long as they have internet access, play a few games at their leisure.

Many online gaming platforms now incorporate HTML5 technology into their games, which means that games run flawlessly regardless of the screen size they are played on. Whether you’re playing on a full-size desktop computer or on your mobile phone, you always get the same great games. HTML 5 is a huge boon to the industry, it saves the user a lot of time and effort, allowing you to do anything online without the need for aggravating plugins and other software.

Artificial intelligence

AI has revolutionized the world – it has applications in virtually every industry you can think of. One such industry is of course the world of online casinos.

Using algorithms designed by coding geniuses, casinos can analyze which games are enjoyed by which players and then recommend other games the player might enjoy. This level of customization really helps players make in-game choices, saving them valuable time browsing games.

Gaming sites have also used AI to great effect in customer service chatbots. If a player has a basic question or problem, the bot can handle the situation, again saving the player time while also saving the company’s manpower – a direct win-win .


Gamification is a concept that all the best games have incorporated from role-playing video games and allows companies to implement a progression system – like an XP bar with an upgrade system.

Not only does this give players something to aim for when playing, but it also allows them to win various prizes to level up. Take Call of Duty, for example, you can upgrade your weapons and overall rank, which keeps players entertained.

These elements add a whole new level of depth to games that were never there before, helping to create more loyal players who stay on games longer.


Crypto has been causing a storm in the world of finance for quite some time now and it wasn’t long before some gaming platforms, like online casinos, got into the hype. Many new casinos are popping up that are purely crypto-based, accepting payments and distributing winnings in a number of different cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin.

These cryptocurrencies allow for incredible levels of privacy – which has long been a problem for online casinos. They also allow players to access casinos that do not currently accept or pay out in their home currency.


Finally, we have the blockchain. Yet, in its relative early days, blockchain was used as a level of transparency in games. Players can use it to check game results, making sure the outcome is fair and everything is above the board. This is known as ‘provably fair’.

Blockchain has also seen the emergence of a few blockchain-specific games, such as Crash and Tower. These games were created in unison with blockchain technology, a captivating look at what’s to come in the future, in this ever-changing industry.

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