The 5 most popular games in the Chinese gaming market


China is the country with the largest population in the world. This population is known for their hard work and through their hard work they advance in all fields, be it technology or the gaming industry. It is estimated that every day 517 million gamers take the time to play a game. hectic life to exchange and play different games.

The value of the game industry in China is $ 24.24 billion per year. Do you want to target the huge lucrative gambling market in China? To effectively tap this market, you need to turn to game translation services. This is because people tend to buy products and services that are in their native language. Likewise, people choose to download games in their native language.

How to tap into China’s gaming market

The Covid pandemic has changed people’s lives. Initially people would go out in their free time to relax, but now due to lockdown the best way to unwind is to play games. Honor of Kings is one of the most popular games in China. We can see that during the Chinese New Year, the digital platform Douyu hosted 60 million streams. Ten hundred is another game which is played more by Chinese people.

Chinese people love to play games. Chinese industry is powerful because it attracts foreigners to invest in this industry. To your surprise, China’s gaming industry is ranked second after the US gaming industry. It is predicted that China will leave the United States behind as the mobile proliferation is high in China and a large number of people enjoy playing mobile games.

The potential growth and immense size of the Chinese gaming market is attracting potential investors to invest in the Chinese gaming industry. Therefore, to enter the Chinese gaming market, you need to follow some China regulatory rules. How can you understand the rules and regulations if you don’t know the Chinese language? Therefore, to understand the framework of the rules, you should opt for Chinese translation services.

This way you can understand that your game content needs to be approved by regulatory authorities to get licensed. If the regulatory authorities find your content inappropriate, they will reject the license. The criteria for the approval of the games must be taken into account by the foreign participants to obtain a license.

China Gaming Industry Marketing Trends

· The mobile gaming industry in China has experienced a great boom due to the growing demand for mobile gamers. Most of the players are present in two cities: Wuhan and Chengdu. Moreover, due to the availability of affordable mobiles, people have bought smartphones to play games.

· According to Sensor Tower’s list, the top 30 Chinese game publishers contributed 26% of global gaming revenue in June 2020. In addition, other famous brands like Net Ease and Ten cent are also topping the charts.

· Game developers and publishers are releasing a lite version of the games so that they can easily run on mobiles with less power.

· Research and development takes place on mobile phones so that games can be played on mobiles while using cloud server. In addition, the Chinese hosting server has also been used in different countries.

· The affordability of mobiles, the Internet and the development of advanced mobile infrastructure, such as 5G, are leveraging the growth of the mobile market in China.

Top 5 games in China

Before you get into the Chinese gaming industry, you need to know what games the Chinese love to play. Chinese people love to play video games. Therefore, China’s video game market is considered a profitable market of the world. It also highlights the importance of game translation services in China.

People also like to play PC games. Arcade gaming is also on the rise. So, are you curious about the top 5 games? Let’s dive in.

Honor of kings

The King’s Honor is a multiplayer online battleground game. The advantage of this game is that you can include different friends at the same time in your game. It’s like world famous PC games like League of legends and Tencent. Just like the Legends Leagues, this game is based on Chinese characters. Hence, 55 million people play this game in China. This game consists of attacking the enemy base using different skills.

Fantastic journey to the west

Fantasy Westward is the first 3D animation game. NetEase released it in 2015. This game is based on classical Chinese folklore. It takes players to the world of different cultures through different activities and game features. It is considered one of the most popular games in China because 250 people play it only in China. While playing this game, players can change the character of the hero and can explore different locations so that they can fight with different enemies.

QQ Speed

QQ is a game released in 2010. Since then, it has gained popularity in China. It’s a 3D game that is an amalgamation of casual and competitive racing. This game is made up of three realms: fantasy, fire and wind. The best thing about this game is that this game can be played alone or no more than six people can play this game.


Onmyoji is a popular game played on mobile. It is published by Netease Inc. NTES is a Chinese games company that originated in Japan during the Heian era. This game was officially released on June 1, 2016. Initially it was played on Android, but after three months iPhone users started playing it as well. Onmyoji contains a variety of characters such as battle models, a wolf gladiator, and a fox spirit.


The game that is heavily inspired by Counterstrike is a one-shot game called crossfire. It is one of the most popular games in China. There are more than 120 champions, several items with various effects and endless possibilities of game strategies. About 8 million people in China play this game. In this game you will discover the landing of a parachute and the hero picking up scattered objects. At the end of the game, you find only one person who survived.

Conclusion of the game

Do you want to tap into China’s lucrative gaming industry? For this, you need to opt for Chinese translation services. Select any reliable company from the pool of professional translation services companies. The reliable company you select will provide you with a solid translation in a quick turnaround time and at economical rates.

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