The 10 Best Online Word Games

wordle is a modern take on classic game types: players guess a five-letter word and are told if their answer contains the correct letter in the correct place (green), a correct letter in the wrong place (yellow), or a wrong letter ( grey).

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The origins of wordle are surprisingly sweet and humble. Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle created the game for himself and his wife, and he released it to the public in October 2021. Since then, the game has exploded in popularity and inspired a slew of similar games across the web and the App Store. . After sifting through the dozens of clones, here is a selection of some of the most unique, inspired, or creative replicas of the original.

ten Dordle

Dordle online game logo

For a simple increase in difficulty, try Dordle. This simple approach to the Wordle concept applies guesses to two words at the same time. With only one extra guess to make up for the extra word, this game asks players to get creative when choosing new words.

From narrowing letter choices to specifying where letters go, the extra layer of two words at a time can be a fitting challenge for those looking for something new to brag about.

9 Quordle

Now some might look Quordle and think “it’s impossible” but this game is actually a bit easier than the Dordle and wordle. Although this requires players to think of four different words at once, there are 3 additional guesses – and it’s surprising how easy it is to hit on the correct answer.

Having so many goals to complete offers a lot more opportunities for surprise results, but be careful not to focus too much on one word. There are only 9 guesses, and it’s easy to use too many on a single possibility.


8 Absurd

Wordle Daily Games you can play after today's nonsense word

For those who want an all-out challenge, there is now the Absurd, an absurdly difficult version of the guessing game. The main aspect that separates this build from the rest is how it actively avoids giving you the answer.

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the Absurd will try as hard as possible to keep players from guessing the answer – even changing the secret word. There is a detailed explanation on the site, but the simplest explanation is that this game does not want players to win. This may be the hardest, but there’s no guesswork limit – try to get less than six to match the feel of the original.

7 squirrel

Wordle Daily Games You Can Play After Today's Word Squirdle Pokemon

With over 800 Pokémon today, the squirrel could prove a difficult challenge for even the most experienced pokemon master. With a very simple interface, this game asks players to guess a Pokémon. squirrel then indicates whether the guess and answer share type, generation, size, or weight.

These stats aren’t always easy to remember, but fans of the anime might manage to narrow down their guesses. It’s a game where it is finally useful to know each pokemon region by heart!

6 Nerdle

A board for the game Nerdle

For players who are more mathematical, Nerdle may be more appropriate. In the space of 8 characters, players will have to pose a complete mathematical equation – that is to say true. Just like in wordleresponses will be marked as absent, present and present and in the correct place.

This arithmetic game requires an attentive mind to sort, but since the equation must be true, it’s surprising how quickly the answer can be found. Nerdle is a fun way to diversify the repertoire of puzzle games, or just give life’s finest nerds a new way to show off.

5 Taylordle

A board for the game Taylordle

Swifty fans will be craving a way to show their love for singer/songwriter/superstar Taylor Swift. the Taylordle is a game that we can only assume was created by a dedicated fan. With a standard five-letter answer, players must guess the word that is related to TayTay.

It turns out that the five-letter words appear remarkably often in the singer’s work and life, which makes the game very difficult to play. This could be the game for fans who have memorized all of their favorite things or all of the Easter Eggs in their music videos.

4 Crossword

A board for CrossWordle online gaming

A classic twist on old and new, the Crossword offers players a very enjoyable and fascinating gameplay. Players are presented with a simple two-word crossword puzzle. After guessing what the two words are, the correctness of each letter is displayed, with very smooth animations. The CrossWordle is completed when both words have been guessed at the same time.

This wordle the clone looks a lot like the Dordle, but having a letter in common makes guessing the words much faster. However, having to get both words correctly at the same time makes finalizing an answer more difficult.

3 wizard word

Description of the online game Wizarding Wordle

For the Harry Potter fans among us, there’s always the wizard word. This Wordle clone still requires a five-letter guess, but the answer could be anything from the world of JK Rowling.

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This is a guessing game that will test fans’ knowledge of Harry Potter characters, spells, animals and more. And surprisingly, it turns out that five-letter words pop up quite often throughout the series.

2 World


Game fans like Geoguesser will like World. Given the outline of a random country, players simply have to guess which country it is. History and geography buffs will have a big advantage here!

After giving some guesses, the World will return the distance of the guess, the direction of the answer, and the general proximity of the guess and the answer. These are very useful if you understand regions of the globe, but proximity can be a tricky index to use – this is calculated using the center of countries, so large ones like the US and Canada would appear far apart despite sharing a border.

1 Quarrel

Wordle Clone Battle Royale Squabble

While wordle is made for only one person to play, sharing on social media and comparing results has become a kind of once suppressed competition. Players don’t compete head-to-head, all competition is about showing off your performance – but what if there was a way to compete directly? It’s here that Quarrel Between.

Quarrel is an innovative take on the Wordle experience where players compete to see who can solve more words. Each player has a health bar that slowly decreases with each guess. However, each correct guess heals the responder and damages an opponent. This game offers wordle fans with a way to compete one-on-one or with dozens of other players.

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