Swords Of Legends Online Reveals First Expansion Details


This morning, Gameforge unveiled new details about the first major expansion of Swords of Legends Onlineto be called The Firestone Legacy. The first major change to the game with what is essentially the 2.0 update is that the game will officially move to a free-to-play model. Now anyone who wants to play can get started completely free, as all in-game purchases will remain cosmetic, along with Battle Passes. The team emphasized that no paid items will be added to the game, and those who have already purchased the game are eligible to receive a variety of exclusive cosmetics. The update will also mark the launch of the game in Russia and the 12 countries that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States, representing a major expansion throughout Asia. We have the remaining updates listed below along with a new trailer, as it will go live in late February 2022.

Credit: Gameforge
  • New Class – Fox Mage: Joining the game for the first time with Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, the magical Fox Mage uses the powers of thorns and flowers to damage enemies and heal allies. This class will only be available with the new “girl” body type.
  • New Class – Warrior: These mighty battlefield champions thrive in a variety of fighting styles. Condensed into two distinct subclasses – the male Crystal Warrior and the female Spirit Warrior – each has its own distinct masteries. Each warrior subclass can provide players with unique new combat mechanics better suited to tanks and melee DPS.
  • More choice: New character slots will be available to players, allowing them to experience each class in action!
  • Maximum level increased: Mastering the art of combat never stops and the level cap will now exceed level 37. Players will now start as students of levels 1-36, becoming Sages at level 37, allowing them to continue to hone their skills and bring their abilities to new heights.
  • The story continues : Following Chapter 10, which recently launched with Update 1.1: The Forbidden Court, Update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy will introduce Chapters 11 and 12, advancing the storyline and further unveiling the lore and wonders in which players have immersed themselves in since launch.
  • New Areas: The world of Shenzhou continues to grow with the introduction of five new areas: Snowing Blossom Paradise (a new starting area for Fox Mage and Warriors), Changhe Mountain (a new location for new classes to level up), Changfu Garden, Cloudscape beyond Langquan Bridge and Blade Peak on Taihua Mountain.
  • PvE and PvP: Five stunning new dungeons for 5-10 players are coming Swords of Legends Online, plus two new 10-20 player raids! As for PvP, a new 3v3 map will be added in the form of the Astral Ravine, as well as a new 10v10 map by the name of Go in the Snow.
  • And more: New activities, including an action-packed flight race that will have players soaring among the clouds at breakneck speeds as they hurtle up the leaderboards! Additional balancing and bug fixes will be implemented, along with a special Battle Pass stacked with elaborate cosmetic items.
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