Starfield fans divided over controversial feature

Bethesda has confirmed a rather controversial feature in its upcoming sci-fi RPG, star field. Starfield looks and sounds very ambitious, and a potential bar setter for open world games if it realizes its full potential and promises. It’s a big if though. And if the inclusion of the aforementioned feature is any indicator, the game may cut a few corners here and there. When star field launching in the first half of next year via PC, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, it will have a silent protagonist.

As you may know, Bethesda Game Studios has made both voiced and silent protagonists in the past. Many players prefer the former, as the latter can be an immersion breaker and stop cutscenes for good. However, among hardcore RPG fans, in particular, prefer silent protagonists as it allows for more in-depth role-playing. Also, some fans are relieved to hear it because the last time Bethesda Game Studios did, with Fallout 4it wasn’t very good.

The news comes straight from Bethesda Game Studios Twitter accountt, which confirmed the silent protagonist while also confirming that all dialogue in the game is in first person. As one might expect, the responses are divided.

“Thank you very much! That’s why KOTOR, Skyrim, Oversightand Dragon Age: Origins are so immersive to me,” reads one of the most popular answers. “Honestly, this is disappointing and companies should stop doing this. the witcher or any other RPG that has character voices,” read a contradictory opinion.

Right now the answer is pretty split down the middle. That said, even if it was mostly negative, Bethesda Game Studios wouldn’t change it at this point because the game is too far along in development.

For what it’s worth, Bethesda has a lot more experience making games with silent protagonists, and for the most part, it’s done very well. Meanwhile, he has minimal experience with voiced protagonists, and it wasn’t done very well, so the silent protagonist route was always going to be more likely than a voiced protagonist.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think. Is this the right call from Bethesda Game Studios and Xbox or should they have opted for a voiced protagonist?

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