Square Enix Dragon Quest survey asks questions about your favorite games


Square Enix has opened a new survey to ask fans about their favorite Dragon Quest Games. He also asks them what they would like to see from the franchise in the future. The survey includes standard questions such as region, gender, and video game devices owned. The questions become more specific, like questions about favorite game genres and where fans get their latest Dragon Quest new.

The 30-question survey begins with questions related to gaming habits, such as gaming devices, usual playing time, and frequency of play. Other questions focus on how users get their latest Dragon Quest information and whether they follow official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts that can assess the current effectiveness of Square Enix’s current social media strategy.

The survey then begins to ask fans what games they have played in the past. Interestingly, question 20 makes a long list of what is essentially each Dragon Quest game since its inception, including more niche titles such as Fortune Street, Torneko: the last hope, and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. From there, the survey asks what is the user’s first, second, and third favorite. Dragon Quest the games are.

Additionally, he asks how fans found out about the series, and if they’ve tune in to watch the 35th anniversary stream. Notably, the survey also asks if fans would be interested in playing the new Dragon Quest XII, and DQ III HD remake. Finally, the survey ends with an open text box for fans to write down what they would like to see from the series.

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