Sony gaming monitors that are “perfect” for the PS5 could launch later today

Sony is rumored to be readying a few gaming monitors for the PS5, and a new leak has detailed some supposed specs and prices for the 27-inch displays, along with a claim that these ‘InZone’ products will launch today. . We know for sure that something is coming in a press event later today under the slogan “Find your new zone”.

Talk of Sony’s new InZone gaming brand erupted about a week ago, with word spreading that the initial products could consist of certain gaming headsets and the aforementioned two monitors that will be marketed as “perfect for the PlayStation 5” – but just as good for PC gaming, as you might imagine.

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The new Twitter spill reveals the rumored Sony InZone M3 and M9 monitors, and the specs they might work with.

Both are 27-inch models, with the M3 reportedly being a 1080p display with a 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and 400nits brightness, along with 99% gamut coverage. sRGB colors.

The M9 steps up to 4K resolution with 600 nits of brightness and 95% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, delivering a 144Hz refresh rate (with 4K/120fps support), and both will sport a pair of HDMI 2.1 ports with VRR (variable refresh rates) aiming to make it among the best PS5 monitors for gamers.

Those console gamers will also get some PS5-targeted features (hence the “perfect for PS5” labeling). These would include Auto HDR Tone Mapping (to show detail better in very dark or bright areas) and Auto Genre Picture Mode to automatically optimize screen settings based on the content being displayed.

As for pricing in Europe, we’re rumored to be looking at €800 (around $840, £690) for the M3, and a predictably larger outlay of €1,300 (around $1,370, £1,120) for the M9 monitor.

Analysis: How could Sony fare in the world of monitors?

As mentioned, these 27-inch monitors could be great displays for PC gamers, not just PS5 junkies, and indeed we can see that in the higher tiers the refresh rates have been pushed here. (240 Hz for the 1080p panel, and 144 Hz with the 4K display). Sony also includes an automatic KVM switching feature, which allows you to seamlessly switch between two different PCs at will (using the same monitor, mouse and keyboard with either computer).

We’ll definitely be interested to see how Sony’s monitors stack up against competition from existing, well-established gaming monitor brands. Obviously, Sony is no stranger to quality panels when it comes to TVs, but monitors are something from another pixel kettle.

As for the extra features introduced to PS5 owners, we’ve seen them on select Bravia TVs before. Auto HDR tone mapping is a godsend, although the whole auto picture adjustment feature is just toggling between game and movie modes on Sony’s compatible TVs. (Could it be extended to separate display modes for different game genres, perhaps?)

The good news is that we should get a look at these monitors in action very soon, and confirmation of specs and pricing – assuming that rumor doesn’t turn bad at the last minute, of course.

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