Shark Heavy Survival Game Stranded Deep now features online co-op multiplayer – GameSpew


deep stranded, the island survival game that started on PC before moving to consoles, now features multiplayer co-op.

We revised deep stranded in May of last year and had a lot of fun, calling it a “compelling survival simulation”. He presents you as the survivor of a plane crash, stranded on a desert island. The bad news is that your island has limited supplies. The good news is that you are in the middle of an archipelago. The worst news is that there are man-eating sharks between you and the other islands.

You have to juggle managing your own island resources with looting other islands and become as self-sufficient as possible. Now, thanks to an online co-op update that’s now rolling out to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, you can share your survival shenanigans with another human gamer. The PC has a split-screen mode, but unfortunately that’s not the case on consoles, but there is certainly some fun – and some argument – to be had here.


Having said that, we are still not 100% comfortable with The Stranded Depths console game status. It is still in Early Access on PC and yet has been sold as a PlayStation and Xbox game “strictly speaking”. We’d be much happier if the type of early access warning you get on Steam were slapped The Stranded Depths box and storefront.

The Stranded Depths The Co-op Multiplayer Update is now available on all platforms.

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