Sam Lake: Fan Support Has Been “Really, Very Important” To Alan Wake 2, Says M Rating And Pivot To Survival Horror

The first one Alan wake released the same week (and the same day in North America) in 2010 as Red Dead Redemption, a game that would sell millions of copies and eventually spawn a sequel in 2018. Alan wake was not so lucky, but spawned a legion of fans that only grew over the decade that followed. Control‘s ADMIRATION The DLC teased the return of Alan Wake, which solidified when Remedy Entertainment officially announced Alan wake 2 at the Game Awards. And according to Creative Director Sam Lake, that continued support from fans has been invaluable.

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Speaking to IGN, Lake spoke about the support the game has seen since its release, something that has also grown in conjunction with social media.

“[Fan support was] really really important, ”Lake said. “I mean, we have awesome fans and the amount of social media on every channel possible, the number of times that has been,”Alan wake 2? ‘ or in upper case, ‘ALAN WAKE 2 CONFIRMED ‘as a reaction to anything, pretty much. But also clearly, a deeper and more sincere love shown to us with Alan wake. This has been a constant thing and in some ways social media has evolved over the years as well, but in some ways I feel like their volume just grows as we go along.

This is not the only one Alan wake 2 Remedy tried to do. A feature of Polygon in 2015 detailed part of the game that never came out. Lake also spoke more about this unfortunate release and how it relates to the one that was announced for 2023.

“The very first version that we were working on immediately after the first game, we kind of made it a demo version as a video that even went public,” he said. “And some of those things at the time ended up being part of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. I mean, it was obviously a very small project, so [it was] reduced, but some of those ideas landed there. So there’s not much left of that, going back that far, in this one. Some elements, sure, but that has evolved over the years, which is a luxury of sorts, to watch now that those early versions ultimately didn’t come to fruition. I feel really good like now that we’re finally doing it, to have had this time to think about it, to really watch it, think about it and evolve it.

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Evolution, in this case, means changing genres. Lake briefly mentioned that Alan wake 2 was a survival horror game instead of an action game with horror elements like the original when it appeared on stage at the Game Awards. He went into more detail, saying it was a great marriage between the storytelling and the gameplay of the game.

“It’s really part of the journey and we at Remedy are very excited about it,” he explained. “He brings a lot of fresh, exciting and new ideas. Like the original game, there were elements of horror, but it was an action game. And for all that concerns Alan wake, we feel that the story is very central, this horror story. And then we’ll take a look at what kind of game would be something where we could have the story and gameplay more closely linked than ever before. And it came together in a very exciting way, this survival horror, like we do with a survival horror game Remedy.

The game is still a long way off and means Lake hasn’t been able to give more details on the gameplay and hasn’t even confirmed whether this is a third-person game or not. However, the game will be rated M, which he said was “liberating,” as Remedy wouldn’t have to compromise or censor itself to find the most “real and exciting” way to tell the story.

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