Rohit was at the top of his game in testing, he is the successful leader: Ponting

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting showed his support for India’s lead Rohit Sharma in testing by examining his impeccable record as leader. Earlier this month, Kohli stepped down as India’s Test skipper a day after the country suffered a 1-2 loss to South Africa in the three-game series. Last year, the 33-year-old also resigned as T20I captain and was later removed as ODI leader after selectors wanted a leader for the white-ball formats.

“I was at the Mumbai Indians when Rohit Sharma took over as captain there. I was auctioned off to be their captain and unfortunately I wasn’t playing well enough after the first few games to stay in the league. team, so I had to make room for another international player to come into the team,” Ponting told the ICC website. “The owners and management of the team wanted to know who I think would be the right person to take over the management of the Mumbai Indians. There were a few names exchanged between the owners and the other coaches, but it was really clear for me that there was only one man capable of leading the team – he was a young man and his name happened to be Rohit Sharma,” he added.

Rohit had missed the series against South Africa due to a hamstring problem, but he has now recovered and would lead the team in the next set of white balls against the West Indies. “I think the proof is in the pudding with what he has done to Indians in Mumbai since that time. He was a very successful leader there and was when he also led India in a few times If I go back to what I said at the start about being on top of your game when you take on a captain role then it’s pretty hard to argue after what he did with his test of cricket over the last 2-3 years as well as anyone in the world during that time, and we know how good he is as a white ball player,” Ponting said.

“They (BCCI) will also have the decision to do what they want to do with their roles, whether they split the roles or want to keep the same captain for all formats,” he added. Speaking further about Ajinkya Rahane and KL Rahul as leaders, Ponting said: “To be honest, I worked with Ajinkya – he’s just a great guy, a very, very good player. He doesn’t didn’t have his best time with the bat in the Tests, but we saw what he can do in terms of series leadership against Australia last summer.”

“I don’t know KL Rahul well – his name has been thrown around a bit. All the reports I hear about him are that he’s a great guy, and he’s playing really well and starting to build up a really good record of test, especially overseas. which is impressive. There will be a few names that will be thrown around,” he added. (ANI)

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