Rad Cat Returns With Double-Sided Single, “One For Me / Think About Me”

Rad Cat returns to his roots on the double-sided single “One For Me/Think About Me,” a serotonin-soaked debut shot as the final outing of NIGHTMODE’s seventh season.

The conversation about how music affects our moods has been talked about nauseatingly, with an endless list of studies showing empirical evidence that songs have the power to stir something deep in the soul. No one claims otherwise. Christian Ariza is a producer from San Diego who harnesses a special knack for harnessing the aura of happiness, with an enchanting and versatile catalog of tracks he’s released under his Rad Cat alias.

The Mexican-American sensation explored a bubbly sound that leans into his fascination with anime and video games. While he managed to switch between genres with incredible ease, the up-and-coming artist has recently found his way back to house music, a genre he considers one of his first. true loves.

Amid this pivot, Billboard highlighted him in their “10 Latin Electronic Producers to Watch” to celebrate last year’s Hispanic Heritage Month. In his NIGHTMODE debut, Rad Cat purrs with two upbeat tracks that find him deeper in his own corner of dance music.

The lead track is a dizzying, gushing disco nude number by the name of “One For Me”. As its title implies, it follows a person in love with hearts in their eyes. A pink falsetto revels in the fact that it’s spoken, as the lyrics “Got a boy / Got a boy / He does me feel so good” are sung with almost childlike gusto. Built around vocals, there are a host of feel-good elements including guitar strums, vocoder flourishes, fuzzy synth slides, laser fills and an ear-friendly groove that are just as dreamy as the object of his heart’s desire.

Filling out the B-side is “Think About Me,” which turns the tables and tackles the crust of uncertainty surrounding a new crush. The million-dollar question is posed in the main vocal chorus: “Do you think of me when you’re all alone?” The internal monologue lingers on a rush of iridescent melodic hits, sparkling textures, hip-hop ad libs and perfectly timed backspins.

There’s even a hint of trap sprinkled into the mix during the bridge, with an 808 twist added to presumably keep the listener on their toes – a necessary measure given the subject matter. On both tracks, Rad Cat turns to an older version of himself, while pushing himself into unforeseen territory.

“When I started making music, all the songs I did were cute and happy and uplifting. They made me feel good. They made me feel alive. It was basically me turned my personality into sound. With these releases, I wanted to go back to my roots. House music has always held and will always hold a special place in my heart; it’s my favorite type of electronic music. I have decided to take everything I’ve learned along the way in genres like future bass, house, midtempo, and R&B, and blend them all in a way that’s uniquely my own. I’m still my biggest critic, but these songs are a new direction for me that I’m really excited about — Rad Cat

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