People Can Fly Updates Strategy To Develop AA Games Alongside Triple-A


Polish development People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Outriders) today announced a significant update to its development strategy. The main difference will be the new focus on developing double-A games alongside their previously planned triple-A projects (one for Square Enix and another for Take-Two). The ultimate goal will be to release a new game every year, starting in 2024.

Here is the translated text of the excerpt shared on the company’s website:

Outriders Developer Has Not Received Royalties, Speculates ‘Partnerships’ As Game Passes Cause

(i) expand the portfolio of games produced by the Group with games in the AA segment, assuming that, with shorter production time, lower budget and reduced range, they will be of comparable quality to games in the AAA segment ;
(ii) the development of AAA and AA games in new genres that are not yet part of the scope of activity of the Group and of the Group’s activities, as well as (iii) the acquisition of new team (s) of production or new entities engaged in the production of video games in new areas of the Group’s activity, i.e. in the new AA segment and genres other than shooting games and RPG action games .

In accordance with People Can Fly’s assumptions, the objective of the updated strategy is for the Group to become one of the first independent development studios in the world, and from 2024 to achieve the objective of an annual release of a game produced by the Group. in cooperation with a publisher or in the model of self-publishing.

The updating of the Group’s strategy does not entail any modification of the objectives defined in the previous strategy Previous Group Strategy. In this regard, People Can Fly confirms that it is pursuing the Group’s economic model which consists of the simultaneous production of several games in the Triple-A segment in cooperation in a cooperative model with the main global publishers, as well as the pursuit of the development of the production of AAA games in the self-publishing model, ie as a publisher of games developed by the Group on the basis of an existing or newly created IP.

People Can Fly already has eight development teams spread around the world; the most recent acquisition was Phosphor Games.

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