PC video games launch for Halloween, with 10 cool video games for around $ 10


Development will take place in early November and will give discounts of up to 90% on more than 2,000 titles.


Halloween is a place to have a good time, both with costumes and candy or with an intense day between video games. Either way, massive rigs make their first juicy gives, something to which GOG is added with discounts of up to 90% in over 2,000 PC video games. So now you can hang out on the internet and decide which identity will accompany you on the darkest day of 12 months.

Then again, you should hurry, as these offers will be keen until November 3, so you will have a full week to browse masses of video games and genres among the most numerous. And, if you don’t want to take a position multiple times in the search and are more likely to think about the most succulent cuts, then you will have 10 cool video games extremely recommended for a value it is round 10 euros.

  • Amnesia: The Darkish Descent at 2.59 euros (Previous value: 17.29 euros): a great sport to experience Halloween night with dozens of moments of hysteria and survival in a maximum terrifying environment. A crucial of terror.
  • Live longer than 2.59 euros (previous value: 17.29 euros): any other name of the darker style where we enter a psychiatric health center with multiple anxious scenes, something that will increase the fear with moments when we can run away from the indescribable beings.
  • Bioshock Endless Whole Version at 11 euros (Previous value: 54.99 euros): the third part of an extremely popular trilogy. First person shooter where we can roam the streets of Columbia to reveal their darkest secret.
  • Darkest Dungeon at 4.59 euros (Previous value: 22.99 euros): technique between crypts that can put each participant to the test. A turn-based RPG that mixes a gothic environment with the survival of our heroes.
  • Dishonored final version at 10 euros (previous value: 19.99 euros): some of the iconic adventures of Bethesda, where we can attempt to reclaim our honor and repair the stability of domination through a shooter of mythical photographs.
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance at € 10.19 (Previous value: € 29.99): The position game identifies with an open international that goes beyond myths and spells to offer a world full of ancient references.
  • Prey at 10.49 euros (previous value: 29.99 euros): any other giant of Bethesda through which we may have to escape opposing alien beings while unraveling the secrets and techniques of our personal past.
  • The Evil Inside from 7.99 euros (Previous value: 19.99 euros): Another horror sport that can please Shinji Mikami enthusiasts. A stifling journey where one can attempt to remedy a homicide filled with thriller and unknown forces.
  • Metro 2033 Redux at 5 euros (previous value: 19.99 euros): the remaster of a famous shooter, where the last vestiges of humanity try to continue to exist between fights against humans and mutants.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for 10 euros (previous value: 49.99 euros): some of CD Projekt’s easiest recognized adventures. Sign up for Geralt of Rivia through an open international filled with opportunity and incredible mythology.

Also, if those donations don’t seem like enough, it goes without saying that GOG will release amazing discounts throughout your Halloween tournament, so stay tuned for the most robust titles in your catalog. And, if you want to spend the dark night between ps video gamesRemember that Sony has already launched its personal reductions, plus a limited period.

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