New Secret Weapons encounters are its best feature

Last year, indie developer Kitfox Games released Boyfriend’s Dungeon, a combination of a dungeon crawler and a dating sim. In the game, players wield and eventually romance multiple characters who can transform into weapons as they battle monsters together in the dungeons of Verona Beach, California over the course of a summer. Boyfriend’s DungeonThe inclusiveness and fun gameplay made the game one of the biggest indie hits of 2021, and the game was even nominated for the Games for Impact category at The Game Awards.

In honor of the game’s first anniversary, Kitfox Games recently released some free DLC. With Boyfriend’s Dungeon: Secret Weapons, most fans are focusing on the new characters and additional dungeons the update adds to the game. While these features are wonderful, the DLC also adds another less flashy update to the game: 15 new encounters between the player companions. These encounters are one of the best parts of the update as they show different sides of the characters and make the town of Verona Beach come alive.

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For players who buy Boyfriend’s Dungeon for the first time, the secret weapons DLC is automatically included in the download and these encounters will be part of all their save files. When players return, download Boyfriend’s Dungeonde, these new encounters are automatically added to the old and new save files. As players recruit characters to fight alongside them in dungeons, they will find the sprites of various duos in different locations on the map. Interacting with these sprites will trigger the encounter and allow players to interact with other characters outside of dates or dungeon crawls.

Boyfriend’s DungeonThe new encounters of might seem like a small change to the game. The scenes feature a short interaction between two or more characters and the player. In terms of gameplay, although scenes earn the player 10 points with each character involved, this number may seem low compared to the number of points the player earns by giving characters gifts or fighting alongside them in dungeons. The player doesn’t even have to commit to these encounters; they are purely there to complete the story.

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However, the real value of these encounters is in the insight they provide into the characters and their relationships with the rest of the cast. For example, in one scene, Sunder gives relationship advice to Sawyer, the game’s youngest lover, in a heartwarming cafe scene. Since Sunder is notoriously the game’s main playboy, his kindness to Sawyer shows a softer side. The scene between Sunder and Sawyer also shows that Gunsmiths have their own community that supports each other even when the player isn’t around.

These encounters also help integrate new characters into the game. In another encounter, Leah (a former figure skater turned coach and aspiring fashion designer) helps Isaac (a businessman and philanthropist) expand his guard. -dress. This scene fulfills two key functions of the character. First, it highlights Leah’s love of fashion, which becomes a career focus for her as the game progresses. The encounter also shows that Isaac is still struggling with image and the idea of ​​being considered “too much”, much to his frustration. Their interaction also helps firmly embed Leah, one of the new characters, into the cast and helps show how she fits into the world of Boyfriend’s Dungeon.

Overall, these new encounters broaden Boyfriend’s Dungeon by making the characters feel like part of a community rather than just individuals sequestered on their own itineraries. These new encounters show that sometimes smaller game updates that flesh out the world can have a big impact on how much players enjoy playing. Therefore, while technically skippable, old and new players alike should join these new encounters to learn more about Boyfriend’s Dungeonthe characters and the universe of .

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