New online video game takes place at Windward Community College


Four University of Hawaii students have created an online video game where players of all ages can explore a pixelated Windward Community College.

The Windward Chicken Chasers role-playing game can be played in English or Hawaiian. Players create an avatar, complete quests, catch chickens, and plant kalo.

The game also has some handy features for UH students.

While walking through the various buildings, the in-game avatar goes to various campus resources. There is also a planner to help keep track of schoolwork.

The game started in the educational development services department. Patricia Brubaker is Creative Director and Supervisor in the IDS Department. She noticed the skills of her student employees and wondered if they could create something fun for the school.

Alex Daraban, one of the artists behind the game, claims the game was inspired by popular and relaxing video games such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

“The fact that it was such a small team and we only had one coder who was self-taught – a lot of issues arose around that. It’s hard for one person to do that much,” said Daraban. to HPR when asked about the difficulties. to play the game.

The only programmer in the developer team recently went to Spain to study abroad. The remaining students are currently looking for a new student worker with coding experience.

The team plans to add more mini-games and a field trip option in the future.

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