Napishtim’s Ark Hero Tier List for September 2022

Ys Online: Napishtim’s Ark is an incredible based on anime JRPG developped by ZlongGames. The game has so many characters that have big roles and impacts on the battlefield. Each character is different from each other in respect of powers and abilities. Players sometimes get confused when choosing the best team, as each hero has different abilities. Therefore, here is the tier list of Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim which will help the players to know the heroes in detail.

Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim Hero Tier List for September 2022

Not all heroes are the same, each individual has their own specialty. Ys Online was released in August 2022 with 10 characters. Therefore, it will now be easier for players to distinguish and build their ultimate team with the teenager to defeat the Great Fortex of Canaan. This tier list is divided into categories of HERand B.

  • S-level: The heroes of this level are one of the strongest heroes with the best powers and abilities. Players should keep S-level players in their team as they will find the best strengths and skills on the battlefield.
  • A level: A-level heroes are not so powerful as S-level heroes, but have the ability to easily train other heroes. They have refined skills and abilities that are often feared by their enemies.
  • B-level: Level B heroes are considered above average hero. These heroes have base strength compared to other higher levels. These heroes play the role of a supporter in their team and often fight while keeping an eye on the backstabs.
Stage hero
Strong (S) Knight,
Ice Mage,
Although a) Berserker,
wind walker,
Pyromaniac Mage,
Fair (B) Warrior,
Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim Hero Tier List for September 2022

As you now know the tier list, let us know which is the best hero of each class. This will help the player choose the most eligible player for his team. Of all the hero classes, the four best are:

Warrior Class: Knight

The Warrior class heroes are the best heroes for DMG and melee attacks. The heroes offer powerful and excellent weapons that allow the opponent to deal heavy damage.

Image via Zlong Games

Knight is the best character in this class due to his very effective attacks. The knight’s sword is truly marvelous and rips through the opponent with its spinning attack.

Mage Class: Ice Mage

The heroes of the The Mage class is exceptional in ranged attacks. They offer their ranged attacks that cause immense damage to enemies. Mage heroes also have a unique attack style that involves casting spells.

Image via Zlong Games

ice mage is indeed the best hero of the mage class. The hero has unique skills such as slowing the movement of enemies. It also affects enemies’ summoning skills, putting them at a disadvantage in battles.

Ranger Class: Priest

Rangers are archers of the team. The heroes in the The Ranger class uses bows and arrows to defend their teams. These heroes use their bows and arrows to inflict heavy damage on distant enemies.

rangers-priest-ys-online Ys Online: Napishtim's Ark Tier List
Image via Zlong Games

Priest is the best hero of this class. The hero attacks distant enemies and gives health to his teammates while fighting. The Preist are primarily used as team healers, but they still make a big contribution on the defensive line.

Assassin Class: Ninja

The heroes of the The Assassin class specializes in burst damage skills and melee attacks. They even have the ability to increase the critical rate of damage dealt to opponents. These characters have immense speed which helps them on the battlefield to counter enemy attacks.

assassin-ninja-ys-online Ys Online: Napishtim's Ark Tier List
Image via Zlong Games

Ninja is the best hero in the assassin class. The character has the best stealth skills and kills enemies with absolute silence hidden in the shadows. Ninja also has the best burst damage dealing and as a result even the toughest class players can master the game.

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