MultiVersus: all characters and how to unlock them

MultiVersus lets you choose from dozens of classic characters. In this article, we’ll go over all the characters currently available in MultiVersus, and then we’ll see how you can unlock each one.
What characters can you play as in Multiversus? | © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Here’s the elevator pitch for MultiVersus: take the charming, cartoonish art style of Fortnite (which makes it cheaper to develop games with), bring all of Warner Bros.’ most famous characters into the game, and copy Smash Bros. Of course it is, which is why you are here.

The big appeal of MultiVersus isn’t the gameplay or the progression system, it’s the huge pool of characters. And because Warner Bros. has so many licenses, they can use characters from totally different genres. We have Scooby-Doo, Batman and Bugs Bunny in the same game.

So everyone should be able to find a character they like to start playing with. But which characters are coming at launch? And how to unlock them? We’ll take a look.

Characters in MultiVersus and how to unlock them

Here are all the characters currently available in MultiVersus:

* We don’t have an exact release date for Rick, Morty or LeBron yet, but we expect it to be a matter of weeks rather than months.

Thank goodness MultiVersus is so cheap because that’s what premium games will start to cost:

Who is the best MultiVersus character?

Finn the Human is the best character in MultiVersus, and unless he gets a big nerf he’ll probably stay Finn until someone even stronger is freed. He’s not as boring playing against other MultiVersus characters like Harley Quinn or Shaggy, both of whom attack most of the time, but he’s objectively the strongest fighter right now.

Finn’s attacks can be devastating, and the stretch punch is too easy to spam in the current meta. So if you’re looking to win, now you know the best MultiVersus character to do it with.

Will you be playing MultiVersus this summer? Or is it Rumbleverse do it better?

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