More Battle Royales Should Take the Hunger Games Model

The battle royale genre is all the rage, with almost every major studio wanting to cash in on the craze. Most video game players have heard of Fortnite, Apex LegendsWhere Call of Duty: Warzone, all of which have been hugely successful but barely scratch the surface of the genre. Some studios have added Battle Royale modes to popular titles from other genres, like Nuclear Winter in Fallout 76 and the red death in Civilization 6, while more and more companies have attempted to enter the genre with full-fledged battle royale games. It’s safe to say that this craze hasn’t died down, but it could use a big overhaul.


The majority of popular battle royales opt for the same type of gameplay: players board some sort of flying vehicle and are dropped around a decent sized map to scavenge for loot while battling other players as borders are shrinking. This gameplay loop has proven itself, but too much of a good thing isn’t good. A battle royale in the style of The hunger Gamesa series that inspired some of the genre’s earliest entries, could be making waves.

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The Hunger Games play by different rules

In 2012, the first hunger games The film took the world by storm, drawing people in with its unique dystopian world and cast of characters. Players also noticed this series and modified a version of The hunger Games in Minecraft. Thereby, Minecraft Survival Games was born, and a lot of gamers immediately fell in love with the concept. For now, it’s one of the few battle royale modes that respects the rules set out in The hunger Gamesand other games should follow.

The hunger Games each contestant starts around the same spot in the center of the map, and a large cornucopia of items sits in the middle of that circle. The cornucopia is filled to the brim with weapons, first aid resources, food, and various other items the contestants need. Once the games start, they can either run around the middle to fight for some good loot, or run off into the woods in hopes of finding something else on the map.

Through The hunger Games series, arenas are usually filled with dangers to keep competitors in battle or to lead them in certain directions. Some competitors would also get items from outside if they could get sponsors. They would fight as usual, and those who survived the initial battles at the cornucopia would be rewarded with more powerful weapons. The fighting continues until only one person remains.

The Battle Royale genre needs a revamp

The battle royale genre took on the concepts of last-man-standing victories, a mad dash for loot, and map perils; but not much else. There haven’t been many battle royale games that deviated from the concept of jumping out of a flying vehicle, and that should change. Not only adopting the style of The hunger Games help differentiate a game from other titles, it could also help revolutionize the genre.

people who played Minecraft Survival Games experiencing the stress of watching a countdown slowly tick by, not knowing if the player next to them will run to the center or spin and run. This leads to mind games in which each player must consider whether they are ready to take a chance on the center. Maybe it pays off and they can get some really nice weapons, or maybe they’ll be defeated and find that running away into the woods was a better option. It’s a stress similar to not knowing where others are going to jump Fortnitebut with more direct stakes.

The Battle Royale genre shows no signs of slowing down, but newcomers need to change their formula. The first one hunger games the movie was released in 2012, but most games instead copy the rules set in stone by titles like Fortnite. It’s a very different type of battle royale, and there’s no better time to emulate it.

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