Montero and Garzón now against gamers: “They are toxic and insensitive to violence against women”

The Ministries of Equality and Consumer Affairs are now attacking video game players, the players. The government department headed by Alberto Garzón funded the guide “armored, a gender look at the consumption of video games It’s 58 pages of reproaches to lovers of the sector. “Great multiplayer games are always hostile territory for them. This problem continues to have its origin in the feeling of a male clan which colonizes a game and closes the borders to the curious”, they reproach under the heading “Toxicity in online communities”.

They also criticize driving video game enthusiasts like the GTA what they rate as “Violent and sexist”. “A sexist component is added, the players become more numb with pain and the suffering of the other, particularly in the face of gender-based violence,” they lament.

At this stage, it is recommended “to carry out social education work in gender equality, like what is being done now with gender neutral toys, and highlighting and in very large print that we can all take advantage of these stories and treat them as a space to meet with others. They think you can playpromote cooperativism by participating in group quests, in turn explore the the diversity“. However, “social anxiety characterized by a desire to be continually connected to what others are doing” appears.

“We must take into account the situations of toxicity and violence that can be produced in online gaming communities, which are a reproduction of what happens in real life,” they add.

Likewise, they cite a survey which assures that “almost three quarters of those who gamble online (72%) were Witnessing toxic behavior vis-à-vis other gamers, and two in three (68%) have experienced it themselves. “The most toxic game genres reported are arcade games. strokes (61%) and games of struggle (twenty one%). About two-thirds of people who have witnessed or experienced toxic behavior (66%) say they have ignored the toxic behavior or stopped playing the game altogether (43%) when toxic behavior occurs while playing the game. »

To hate

Furthermore, in alluding to this report, reference is made to hate for women speak players: “Of those who have witnessed toxic behavior towards others, half say they have witnessed hate (i.e. verbal violence or otherwise, including intimidationthe ridiculoushateful aggression or mobbing or insulting comments based on perceived identity) and/or game abuse (i.e. disrupting another player’s enjoyment of the game by doing things like stealing, sabotaging, etc.) (53% ) while playing on multiplayer platforms. »

Extract from the report. (Click to enlarge)

The Consumer-funded report that spread the word women’s institutewho reports to Irene Montero, accuses some players specifically. “League of Legends at one of the most toxic communities that exist: it is very likely that you will find people who tell you everything in the chat, but curiously, not only because they are a woman, the insult that they have seen the most in these chats is “gay” . There are a lot of young people in these types of games, and their feeling is that they are using these chats to say all the barbarities that happen to them, without any filter since they have the anonymity of the internet”, it is indicated.

Finally, they ask for regulation so that “the algorithms don’t condemn women to invisibility” and ask if it “is necessary to have a video game event exclusive to women so that they can play freely.

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