Mods that add Nintendo’s Mario to other games

mario is Nintendo’s mascot, although it could just as easily be the mascot for video games in general. He made a name for himself jumping from platform to platform. Then he jumped into other genres. There are Mario sports games, dancing games, fighting games, racing games, role playing games, strategy games, educational games, mobile games, etc.

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These are only the officially approved and licensed entries. Fans have been into the portly Italian plumber for so long that, with a little magic and a PC, they’ve brought him into other games via mods. Here are some of the most interesting mods that have added Mario to other games.

6 Street Fighter X Tekken

Whether Marvel vs. Capcom was “the craziest crossover you’ve ever dreamed of”, so Street Fighter X Tekken would be most disappointing. While there’s nothing catastrophic with the game on the surface, its extra features like gems and Pandora mode were half-baked at best. The on-disc DLC debacle and Sony-exclusive characters were just another layer on a messed up cake.

Anyway, Somersault_Justice managed to squeeze something out of the game. They shot tekken‘s Bob, an overweight but nimble fighter, in the tubby but nimble Mario. In the game, it only has Bob’s moves and quotes. Online, he has an entry on an SFxT fandom wiki that gives him his own victory quotes, backstory, and character interactions. Just in case anyone wonders what mario thought about street fighter and tekken cast.

5 Friday night funkin

Who remembers when Newgrounds only had dodgy Flash games and videos? In 2020, four of their users came together to produce Friday night funkin, an addictive rhythm game that was so popular it crashed the entire website. So it’s perhaps no surprise that it has a ton of mods adding a slew of characters and tunes from other franchises to keep up.

There are also plenty of Mario to choose from. Some use his paper mario sprites, and others are drawn in the art style of the game. A few have their own story and character interactions, while some go straight to funk. Others add Luigi, the Toads, and Catsuit Bowser for a bit of variety as well. So when it comes to funkin’, the possibilities are endless.

4 Ring of Elden

Why fit in when you can stand out? From Software’s games are generally the opposite of Mario’s positive, family-friendly setting. That’s why people panicked when Super Mario Odyssey randomly cast a realistic dragon as a boss fight. Still, that’s kind of the point when it comes to modding. Why not place Mario in a dark fantasy setting? Like, say, Ring of Elden?

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There’s already a character designer, but why not take it a step further? Garden Of Eyes mods put all kinds of characters in the game. Homer Simpson, Moana, Ugandan Knuckles, and more. But they’re all pretty much based on their usual looks. GardenOfEyes’ most interesting mod turns Godrick the transplant into Mario. A giant, deformed, bug-eyed Mario with an equally creepy Yoshi as his dragon. It really is the stuff of nightmares.

3 Crash Bandicoot 4: About time

How about returning to more comfortable ground? Modding Mario in a platformer isn’t the most alien idea. the original Crash Bandicoothard as it was, stood by the side Super Mario 64 like some pioneering entries in 3D platforming. So, for Bandicoot’s latest entry, SpongeBobbleTea replaced it with a Bobblehead Mario model.

Not the smoothest mod out there. Mario’s head floats separately from his body, and his shoulders and arms twitch and clip behind him in a few cutscenes. However, there is no gameplay issue as it is basically a Crash with a Mario model. It spawns on the world map, runs through levels, and even has a few voice clips.

2 Banjo Kazooie

Speaking of 3D platformers, Banjo Kazooie was another reason to pick up a Nintendo 64 at the time. It offered the same thrills and spills Super Mario 64 made with his touch and his charm. With the two standing together as the highlight of this console, it’s obvious modders are mixing the two. Like putting Banjo and Kazooie in the Mushroom Kingdom, or Mario on Spiral Mountain.

Mario 64 x Banjo Kazooie is technically inside Super Mario 64, but all levels, characters, collectibles, and music are straight from Rare’s game. Kaze Emanuar’s mod made a lot of noise when it first appeared in 2020, but has since gone quiet while working on other projects. Nevertheless, his progress can be found on his YouTube channel with his other N64 creations.

1 sonic the hedgehog

Is it so obvious to put Mario in a Sonic game? The old rivals have been linked since Sega Genesis dared to do what Nintendo didn’t. Bootleggers put Mario in an NES version of the original sonic the hedgehog and called her Somari. BlitzMightyN7 used the mario and louis sprites to put the two Mario Bros in Sonic Mania instead of Sonic and Tails. They even replaced the rings with coins and the monitors with blocks.

In Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisiteda fan-shaped retooling of the original Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Skidgi made sure Mario showed up to walk through each area, complete with his own poses and end-of-level signposts. If 3D games are more up to its speed, Daku & Squiz from Mod Database replaced Sonic and his friends with the plumber and his friend in Sound Generations. Why Race Shadow When Mario Can Try Sprinting Super Mario Sunis Shadow Mario instead? Watching Mario rush into him to the Star Power-Up music is a delight.

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