Microsoft warns that Windows 11 features fail due to its expired certificate


Microsoft has started warning Windows 11 users that some operating system features are not loading due to an expired certificate. The certificate expired on October 31, and Microsoft is warning that some Windows 11 users cannot open apps such as the Snipping Tool, Touch Keyboard, or Emoji Panel.

A hotfix is ​​available to fix some of the issues, but it’s currently in preview, which means you need to install it manually from Windows Update. The patch, KB4006746, will fix touch keyboard, voice input, emoji panel, and issues with Windows 11 startup and tips sections. You can find this fix by checking for updates in the Windows Update section of Windows 11 settings.

However, Microsoft’s patch does not resolve issues with the Snipping Tool app. “To alleviate the problem with Snipping Tool, use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and paste the screenshot into your document”, recommends Microsoft. “You can also paste it into Paint to select and copy the section you want.”

It is not clear how many Windows 11 users are affected by these issues, and we were unable to reproduce the capture tool issues on multiple fixed systems. If you have problems, some Edge readers reported that they were able to change the system’s date to October 30 and then launch Snipping Tool to get it working again. You can then change the system date after the application has loaded correctly.

The expired certificate is also causing issues with the accounts page in the settings section of Windows 11 with S mode enabled and the input method editor user interface. It’s unclear when the Capture Tool and S mode issues will be resolved. “We are working on a resolution for the Snipping Tool and S mode only issues and will provide an update when more information becomes available,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 glitches come just two weeks after the company had to release a patch to fix AMD processor performance in the operating system. A bug slowed the performance of Ryzen processors by up to 15% in some games.

Update, November 4, 1:25 p.m. ET: Article updated with the Snipping Tool workaround.

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