Michigan Monday: Game 5 at Iowa

Game Notes Nuggets

• Michigan will take its leading offensive scorer on the road to face the nation’s leading defensive scorer in Iowa.

• The Wolverines are scoring at a rate of 50 points per game and claim the seventh defense (11 points allowed per game) during the first quarter of the regular season. Alabama (#5 offense, #3 defense) is the only other team in the nation ranked in the top 10 on both sides of the ball.

• The Wolverines are scoring 5.2 touchdowns for each they allow (26 to five) early in the game and have twice as many field goals (six) as their opponents have attempted (three).

• At 200 points in four games, the team is among the highest scoring Michigan teams in recent history. Since 1905, the only team with more points in the first four games of the season is the 2016 team (208 points).

• Iowa has the best defense in the nation (5.8 points per game), allowing just two touchdowns and 23 total points this season. Neither team has scored a rushing touchdown against them in four games.

• Since last season, UM have totaled 30 rushing touchdowns in their last eight games (17 in the first four games of 2022, 13 in the last four games of 2021).

Blake CorumThe explosive start to the season continues. Corum’s career-high 243 yards last weekend was the most by a UM guard since Tshimanga Biakabutuka in 1995 (313 yards against Ohio State). Denard Robinson’s 2010 performance against Notre Dame (258 rushing yards) was the last time a Wolverine had a rushing game like Corum against Maryland.

• Corum, who was named Co-Big Ten Player of the Week on Monday, September 26, ranks seventh in the nation in rushing yards (478), fifth in yards per rush (7.47) and first in touchdowns in floor (new).

• In Michigan’s modern era, no player has scored more touchdowns in the first four games of the season than Corum this year. Tyrone Wheatley’s 1993 season is the closest (eight). The last Wolverine at any position responsible for nine touchdowns in the first four games of the year was Shea Patterson in 2019 (six assists, three carries).

• Among guards with at least 30 carries, Corum’s 7.5 yards per attempt ranks eighth in the nation. As a freshman, Corum averaged 3.0 yards per carry on 26 rush attempts. In the 207 carries that followed in 16 games, he averaged over 6.9 yards per carry, including 6.35 yards per carry in Big Ten play.

Corum has produced eight of Michigan’s 26 explosive offensive plays (over 20 yards). PFFCollege credits him with 11 engineered runs over 15 yards, most among FBS ball carriers.

• The line helped bolster the running game at 6.32 adjusted yards sack per attempt and 7.6 total yards per play. The UM ball carriers lost just 25 yards on 156 rush attempts.

JJ McCarthy will make his first career start this weekend. He continues to pass at a high rate, with an 80% line (48 of 60) leading the nation this year. McCarthy was 17-for-18 for 171 yards and two touchdowns on short (0-10 yards) and middle (10-20) throws on Saturday.

• The flagger has thrown five touchdown passes, clocking an 8.3 touchdown percentage this year. McCarthy also leads the FBS in yards per attempt (11.6) and ranks third in passing efficiency (204.5).

• When McCarthy starts and ends a Michigan drive, UM has produced 16 touchdowns and three goals on 26 possessions, scoring on 73% of drives. In his three starts, the team scored in 16 of 17 trips to the red zone (94.1%) with 14 touchdowns.

• UM has a pair of top 15 scorers in the country – Corum (13.5 points per game) is the No. 1 point producer in all FBS and kicker competitions Jake Moody (10.2) ranks 15th.

• Opponents were limited to 3.9 yards per play, including 4.7 yards per pass. Opponents lost 104 yards on tackles for loss.

• Among Big Ten defenders with at least 30 quick passes, mike morris ranks third in PFFCollege’s Pass Rush Productivity (PRP) rating. The service rates him with a 23.8% success rate in pass rush situations.

• Among defenders with at least 100 coverage snaps, DJ turner ranks seventh among the best in the country. He allowed an NFL passer rating of 14.6, allowing one catch for every 21.6 cover shots.

• Among bettors with at least one punt per game (four in total), Brad Robin‘ The suspension time of 4.55 seconds is the best in the country, according to PFFCollege. He is the only punter in the country above 4.4 seconds. The average among Big Ten punters who meet the same qualifications is 3.98 seconds.

With Robbins leading the unit, no opponent has punted more than 10 yards since UM played at Ohio State in the 2017 season (95 punts). Robbins missed the 2018 season and most of the 2019 seasons.

• Maryland recorded an eight-yard punt return last weekend, marking the first return yards allowed by UM’s punt coverage unit this year. Eight of Robbins’ 11 punts were downed, caught or out of bounds.

• Robbins Special Teams Partner Jake Moody allowed just three returns from 29 kickoffs this season. When opponents attempt a return, they start on average at their 18-yard line. He also ranked among the top 10 career scorers at UM with 249 points. With his next field goal, he will tie Denard Robinson (252) for the ninth-most points all-time.

• PFF ranks Michigan as the No. 1 team in the nation for pass coverage and tackles; second in overall team standings and total defense; fourth in run defense; seventh in total violation; eighth in receiving grade; and tied for ninth in special teams.

• Iowa is the No. 1 team in total defense and ranks third in run defense, as well as sixth in pass coverage and tackles.

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