Marvel Future Revolution is like Avengers, but with Spider-Man

Spider-Man crossing New York while escaping from MODOK.

Look, you can play as Spider-Man!
Screenshot: Marvel / Netmarbre / Kotaku

I know I know. The last thing the world seems to need right now is another Marvel video game. Looks like a dozen have been announced and about as many have been released in the last few years. On top of that, this is a mobile game so I know a lot of you have played it before. But listen to me. I think Marvel Future Revolution is a fun open-world MMORPG that’s packed with wild cartoon energy and isn’t as boring to play as Marvel Avengers.

The first thing that impressed me Marvel Future Revolution was the list of characters he was cast with. You get your usual Iron Man and Captain America, but that also includes Storm, Captain Marvel, and Dr. Strange, heroes who don’t appear as often in games as other more widely used Marvel characters. Future revolution also launched this week on iOS and Android with Spider-Man, a character who still has not appeared in Square Enix Avengers Game. The initial roster is completed by Star-Lord, who, like the other characters on offer here, is heavily inspired by his MCU counterpart.

Marvel Future Revolution ‘The story isn’t particularly original, focusing on other dimensions and alternate Earths clashing with each other, causing different versions of heroes and villains to come face-to-face with their overpowered lookalikes. If you’ve read Marvel comics or played superhero games in the past decade, you’ve probably come across this type of setup. But while it’s not a single story, it does help explain why 200 Spider-Men are running around the same area.

Developed by Netmarble, Marvel Future Revolution is marketed as the first Marvel-themed open-world action RPG. This is technically true, but he ignores that Future revolution is too an MMO in many ways. It almost looks like Marvel wants us all to forget about the game Marvel heroes existed. As Marvel heroes, you choose a hero and level him up as you travel through various worlds filled with other players, defeating baddies and collecting loot. However, Future revolution Also includes plenty of side quests and loot that actually change your hero’s appearance, not just their stats. This means that you can end up with some really ugly superheroes early on when you grab and equip any new, better gear you acquire.

Various superheroes standing in a crowd.

You can play with different camera angles, like this one that feels more Diablo-As.
Screenshot: Marvel / Netmarbre / Kotaku

Fight in Future revolution is simple, but fortunately not boring. You have different abilities that you unlock and upgrade as you level up. You then equip some of them and activate them during combat while moving through the level using a virtual controller. Some of these attacks are more useful for groups of enemies, while others are better suited for one-on-one combat, and others stun or incapacitate enemies, allowing you to create combos. While you can simply mash the virtual buttons that correspond to each ability and get through most fights, larger fight sequences or boss encounters require skill and precision. There’s also an dodge button, allowing you to steer away from deadly attacks or evade mobs of thugs.

Granted, it’s not an incredibly deep or complex combat system, but it’s not straightforward either, and I felt like I got better in combat over time, mastering certain abilities and developing skills. strategies for particular enemies. Honestly, I prefer to play this game compared to the much bigger version from last year. Marvel Avengers because in Future revolution the heroes feel powerful, able to easily defeat dozens of random thugs and robots. I’ll take this on the fragile heroes in Avengers who get shot by the same Adaptoids over and over again.

Future revolution Also features surprising depth of RPG and gear systems. You have your main hero, who you can level up through missions and items, unlock new skills, and increase your stats in the process. But you can also unlock battle badges that improve your character’s stats, improve your team’s combined power level, collect and equip cards that help you deal more damage or find better loot, and more. . The game is good at slowly introducing you to its more complex systems as you progress, but I suspect some players might still find it all a little too overwhelming and walk away.

If that’s how you feel, here’s a tip: you can always tap “auto-equip” and the game will make all of those decisions for you. It might mean you’re losing a specific perk or build, but it’s nice to have the option to just say “Uh … I don’t know!” And basically asking the game to figure everything out.

Ironman fights Modok on a rooftop in New York.

Screenshot: Marvel / Netmarbre / Kotaku

This being a free mobile RPG, you’re probably wondering if or how the game puts microtransactions and ads in your face while you play. And yes, no shock here, Future revolution contains microtransactions, allowing you to purchase new costumes, gear, character slots, consumable items, and more. Fortunately, the game doesn’t constantly beat you up with these purchasable items. And there are no energy timers or mission limiters. You can easily play this game for hours without spending a dime. I also never had to watch a video ad or anything really boring like that. Overall, it looks pretty nice and cold compared to other mobile games I play that seem determined to stick an ad on every screen and menu.

I did not expect to enjoy Future revolution as much as I am right now. The easy yet active combat system, mixed in with a weird and silly comic book storyline and the ability to play as less-seen heroes really helped this free-to-play RPG hold onto me, and I’m surprised to say I am. have more fun with than Marvel Avengers. Maybe in 10 more hours I’ll hit a paywall or I’ll be bored, but right now I’m having a blast being Spider-Man, ugly, mismatched suit and all.

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