Major recent changes in sports games

As audiences return to live events, sports leagues around the world are trying to provide fans with new and innovative ways to relive the sport. This is reflected in particular by the development of sports gaming platforms, where minor and major reforms are emerging.

Big changes in sports games

Video games and low deposit bonus betting opportunities have been instrumental in extending fan engagement and increasing global interest in the sport through their fun and interactive styles of play. Several studies have shown that people who play sports games are more likely to physically join sports teams or clubs. Therefore, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation in sports games are key to maintaining high sports engagement worldwide.

EA Sports FC

One of the biggest news in sports games this year was the termination of the contract between EA Sports and FIFA. The partnership has officially come to an end after a long span of three decades that produced one of the most popular sports games in the world. In the past two decades alone, the game has generated $20 billion in revenue and attracted more than 150 million players worldwide.

The split comes after months of intense negotiations. Ultimately, the non-renewal of the partnership contract stems from FIFA’s interest in expanding its digital market possibilities while EA Sports favored exclusivity.

However, fans of the game need not worry about the next seasons of the game: it will continue under its new name. EA Sports FC, which has already received support from several global clubs. Individual contracts with world football teams will remain and the game setup will not change much. However, players may have to accept that next year’s game is the last game to include World Cup features. Fifa also announced plans to produce a rival game.

NBA Top Shot Expansion

Another game that continues to grow and develop this year is the NBA Top Shot program. The platform launched in 2020 and creates modern trading cards in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The platform publishes NBA-licensed “Moments,” which are NFTs containing video clips of legendary games in current series and historical games.

During the pandemic, the program faced a volatile reliance on the popularity of the crypto market. However, earlier this year, the program saw an increase in customer investment of over 70% thanks to a new set of ads featuring Kevin Durant.

The game has since held an NBA All-Star VIP ticket auction and giveaway, and announced that it plans to develop this business idea further. While there are no official release dates yet, there have been rumors of signed merchandise and more VIP tickets on the horizon, as well as a user-on-user game called Hardcourt.


The United States National Football League (NFL) will follow in the footsteps of the NBA by announcing plans to launch an NFT-based video game in 2023. The game is made through a partnership with game developer Mythical Games and s ‘will call NBA rivals. In the game, players will be able to collect 3D NFTs of NBA players, which they can then use in fantasy league-style competitions against other players.

Apart from its own game system, the platform also seeks to be user-friendly in other ways. Users of NFL rivals can later use their NFTs to access special events and in-game rewards. Similar to NBA Best Shot, platforms seek to increase fan engagement and keep the sport innovative.

The sports game for people with no interest in sports

New games, such as Circle, aim to create even more inclusivity by reaching sport watchers who simply do so out of social obligation. Circl is a betting application where players do not bet and compete with the bookmaker but with friends.

Players enter their own chosen sum into a pot, to which they can invite whomever they wish, and the money then goes to the player who won the bets. Players can play in groups of a hundred or even a thousand, or simply with members of the lounge for the evening.

This type of gaming ensures that even friends with little or no interest in actual sports gaming on the TV itself can actually have fun and increase their engagement and interest in sports. Similar to sports-based video games, apps like Circle to create an alternative path in the world of sport.

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