Is Sonic Frontiers worth it? Reviews are here!

Posted: Nov 08 2022, 06:35 AM

The Sonic Frontiers reviews are finally here. Here’s what critics are saying about the latest title in blue blur.

Sonic Frontiers is finally here. This quasi-open world, sandbox, platform, the action-adventure game is a stark departure from anything we’ve seen of the blue blur yet. Sonic has dabbled in most gaming genres over the years, from fighting games to turn-based RPGs, but this is the first open-world game featuring everyone’s favorite hedgehog.

So, now that the reviews have arrived for Sonic Frontiers, we can see if this innovative idea paid off or not. Is that one small step for a hedgehog, one giant leap for a species of hedgehog? Or is it yet another painfully shoddy gimmick designed to make Sonic Team a quick buck? Let’s find out!

Review summary: Is Sonic Frontiers worth buying?

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Sonic Frontiers has a metacritical score of 73/100. (Photo: SEGA/Sonic Team)

As of this writing, Sonic Frontiers has a Metacritical score of 73/100. Not a terrible rating by any means (especially when looking at some of the other games in the Sonic catalog), but still not as high as we’d have liked to see for such an ambitious project.

IGN: 7/10

“Sonic Frontiers is a delightfully weird and experimental evolution of the Sonic games many of us grew up with. Its series of open-world islands are filled with such variety and bits and pieces of Sonic history, from stages from classic platformers to silly mini-games, that they’re fun to explore even when the awful graphic pop-in is a constant hedgehog spine by your side.”

play area: 7/10

“Sonic Adventure has set the pattern for the past 24 years of 3D Sonic games, and I hope Frontiers does the same for the next generation. It has its flaws and there’s certainly room for improvement, but the spiky mascot is moving finally in the right direction.”

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Sonic Frontiers launches November 8, 2022 (Photo: SEGA/Sonic Team)

GameInformer: 7.75/ten

“Although rough around the edges, Sonic Frontiers is the best 3D Sonic game in years. This first attempt at an open area concept is an admirable effort, and I can’t wait to see how Sonic Team will iterate on this formula. entries in the future, but obviously this isn’t the final form of the formula.So far, Sonic Frontiers represents a solid first foray into a brave new world for Sega’s speedy mascot.

Polygon: No score

“As frustrating as Sonic Frontiers can be, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this new, more flexible take on the time-worn series. Of course, the story, while intriguing at times, didn’t doesn’t do much to keep me away from some surprisingly funny deliveries of Sonic (who constantly erases other characters’ knowledge dumps saying he’s been through worse or he’s just here to save his friends Also, the game often felt more like a checklist than, well, a game. I completed more mini-games than I could count.

And that’s what some of the most notable game reviewers have to say about Sonic Frontiers.

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