Is it a video game or an online theater? A bit of both – and a lot of fun


Well, it sounds like a tech-enhanced role-playing game, but basically it’s a more linear adventure, with advancements related to co-op puzzle solving. By pooling all your intelligence and skills online, you’ll search the internet for text and visual clues, guess passwords, crack codes, track down cell phone numbers, and spy on probable suspects.

Tucked away in the internet, the playground is a labyrinth within a maze so transparent that sometimes you can’t tell where the game ends. Stay alert – a detective blooper in part three made me call a random guy in Sydney.


Still, the challenges are set right and increase in difficulty throughout the trilogy – you’ll locate a secret location using what3words, or hack (bogus) emails and servers, before you’re done.

And if the storytelling is a bit undercooked, its outline sends you atmospheric rabbitholes (from occult history to the dark side of Arthurian legend), and there’s a decent cinematic reward for your efforts. A full game is rewarded with a climax filmed with Dominic Monaghan (the Lord of the Rings) at the end.

Casting through the history of the game, maybe the work Islander the most is Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world? This first detective series was presented as the search for an international criminal mastermind and his henchmen, but had the side effect of turning the children into geography geniuses. It became famous as an educational game.

Islander occupies a niche similar to the digital age. It’s a sleuth game that doubles as a fun way to hone your internet skills, and it wouldn’t surprise me if, in addition to attracting a large following, it ultimately turns out to be a winning resource in the internet. high school classes.

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