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In August, Netmarble made a leap into the world of superheroes, bringing the massive multiverse of Marvel adventures to the small screen with the launch of MARVEL Future Revolution. Building on previous Revolutions titles like Blade & Soul, and a distinctly high-end online RPG, this new adventure more than wowed us in the previews and around its initial launch. With MARVEL Future Revolution out in the world and in flight, Gamespace had the opportunity to speak to Joe Lee, Executive Producer at Netmarble, and Danny Koo, Director of Product Development at Marvel Games, about MARVEL Future Revolution, from the multiverse and AIMing for success.

How did the project start? Was it the Netmarble team who launched the idea?

LEE: The initiative was mutual. The goal of this project was to create a game that goes beyond the limits of mobile, an MMORPG based on realistic graphics and strong action using Unreal Engine. Netmarble and Marvel Games have already built a strong collaborative relationship over a long period of time and we wanted to challenge a completely new genre. As a result, we figured we could make a decent Marvel MMORPG as there was no Marvel IP use case in a mobile MMORPG.

MARVEL Future Revolution is a very different project from other Revolution titles. How about another fantasy style MMORPG?

KOO: As gamers ourselves, we both have tons of great memories playing MMORPGs in the past. And we knew it was about time Marvel fans around the world got the same, hopefully even greater, if I may say so, experience that the genre offers. MMORPGs consist of playing the role of the character. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to take on the role of a Marvel hero?

What are your hopes on how MARVEL Future Revolution will change the mobile market?

LEE: We hope to push the boundaries of what mobile games can do. “AAA quality on mobile” is in a way our motto. Top notch character modeling, a huge open world environment, larger-than-life action, and even music! Just because the game is on mobile, there shouldn’t be any compromise in the gaming experience you get.

The various intros and hero arcs are a great way to differentiate the heroes of MARVEL Future Revolution. Why start the game this way and put players in the shoes of Marvel heroes rather than creating their own?

KOO: Great characters and great stories are what Marvel is, so looking at those well-established characters but in a completely new and unique story was our focus. In order to be able to truly enjoy the game in the long run, we needed to give a proper introduction not only to the characters, but to the entire backstory to provide as much immersion as possible.

How did you choose the heroes for the launch and will there be new ones?

LEE: The superheroes and villains of various iconic characters in the Marvel franchise (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, etc.) were considered for this game. They were also chosen from the point of view. view of the story and gameplay. The game will gradually be filled with more superheroes representing the entire Marvel Universe. More updates to come!

Thematically, this is also a step up from the fantastic, anime genres that serve RPGs so well. How has this changed the way you tell a story and build the game?

KOO: We focused on what Marvel fans would expect from this game from a story perspective as well. That’s why we teamed up with Marc Sumerak, who was our screenwriter for our other Marvel game, MARVEL Future Fight. Marc is known for his excellent books and comics, but writing a great story for games is another. I’m so glad we were able to bring him back!

handy preview image of future marvel revolution of marvel heroes in fighting stances

Visually, MARVEL Future Revolution looks amazing for a third-person mobile game. Is this the same engine that powers the other Netmarble games, or have there been any changes made to accommodate the powers and flashy costumes of MARVEL Future Revolution?

LEE: He’s using Unreal Engine. We strive to manage heat within the specifications of the mobile device, while also supporting high-quality visuals.

At the start of our game, the focus was on story and co-op play with characters that fans already know. We didn’t feel like rushing to the end of the game for competitive content. Was it intentional or do I just love the comics a little too much?

LEE: Our guess was that there will be all types of Marvel fans who give our game a try, from casual comic fans to die-hard comic fans, from casual gamers to hardcore gamers. The intention was to make sure that we had something for everyone, some fun value for you while you play our game. If you are one of those players who would come back to the game over and over again, that would be great. But even if you only played it for a short time and still had a great time, it’s also awesome! We’ll keep making this game better, so we want you to come back asking for more!

Monetization is always a touchy subject in mobile gaming. How will MARVEL Future Revolution be different?

LEE: Basically you can complete the final mission (quest) provided by the game without paying. Since we aim to broaden the base of MMORPGs, we have tried to build a monetization structure at a reasonable level as much as possible.

MARVEL Future Revolution has some deep nods to Marvel comics with so many possibilities. How do you choose from such a huge set of ideas and a huge catalog when crafting the story and events in MARVEL Future Revolution?

LEE: We’ve already built a strong collaborative partnership with Marvel over a long period of time, starting with MARVEL Future Fight. Based on the trust that we have built over the years, we have great creative freedom and great flexibility when using their intellectual property. Marvel gives us the ingredients. Lots of great ingredients! And we are the chef and create our recipe and cook to make our menu awesome!

KOO: With our writer Marc, we imagined together the concept of Convergence where different realities were mixed. This resulted in some fantastic new original regions in the game, including New Stark City and Midgardia. We immediately fell in love with them!

the sound of wonder future revolution - orchestra photo

Last question. Which Marvel hero or villain do you want to see in the game?

LEE: My personal wish would be Luna Snow, a K-pop based superhero that we originally created together for MARVEL Future Fight. Her success has spread beyond our game and now you can see her in many comics and other games!

As MARVEL Future Revolution began exploring the Multiverse in August, there’s still plenty of time to create a theme filled with Marvel’s best and take on classic enemies before we see new challenges appearing from the cracks between dimensions. You can play MARVEL Future Revolution for free on iOS and Android now.

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