Intel Arc A380 desktop graphics card leaks: up to 100 FPS at 1080p in popular esports games

The Intel Arc A380 desktop graphics card was first spotted with official gaming specs and performance. MSI listed a gaming PC in China with the Core i5-12400F and Arc A380, but it was quickly removed. Board partners confirmed that the The GPU includes 6 GB of GDDR6 memory coupled with a paltry 96-bit bus as well as 8 Xe cores or 1,024 shaders.

Additionally, MSI seems to be preparing a factory-overclocked variant of the A380. Unfortunately, no information regarding base clocks has been released. Gaming performance of four popular eSports have been included. At 1080p using the medium and low quality presets PUBG scores 94 FPS. Overwatch with 100 FPS, League of Legends with around 200 FPSand “Eternal Catastrophe” yields 85 FPS.

As already pointed out, the the first wave of Arc desktop GPUs will be exclusive to the Chinese market and that too via the OEM/SE segments. Given the massive growth of the esports market in the region, it makes sense for Intel to target East Asia as a launch pad for its budget and mid-range graphics cards.

It is likely that a large part of the supply will go directly to cafes and eSports hubs who are used to buying GPUs in bulk. These establishments usually handle a handful of games and are willing to skip some issues (buggy drivers) for discounts and bulk discounts.

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