InnovatorsBox’s popular creativity games go live for the first time


The four InnovatorsBox games are available to rethink networking, ideation, brainstorming, and relationship building: SPARK, ReImagine, Infinity Cards, and Infinity Squared.

WASHINGTON, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Today, InnovatorsBox Studios ™ launched InnovatorsBox Games Online to facilitate human connections and creative collaboration online at work, school and beyond. Since 2016, InnovatorsBox® card and dice games have been a popular way for innovators and leaders to fuel creative connection and collaboration. Today, all four games are available for free to everyone at

“Creating InnovatorsBox Games was something I wanted to do since 2016 to continue our mission of making creativity accessible to everyone,” says Monica H. Kang, expert in creativity in the workplace and founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox® and InnovatorsBox Studios ™. “We thought about the whole user experience. I’m excited about how this could bring people together, whether you’re playing alone, with your team, with your family, or even on a date. Live and Work distance has made more people feel isolated. I hope this could help fuel the creativity, curiosity and playfulness that they lack and seek. “

Each game was conceptualized by Kang and graphically designed by Monica Escobar Beasley. With the success of the first SPARK 1 card game in 2016, Kang continued to invest each year in the development of new games to rethink connection, collaboration and creativity at work and at home. SPARK is a set of open-ended questions to help you think and rethink relationship building. ReImagine is a set of challenge prompts to help you infuse the practice of creative thinking into your daily routine. Infinity Card is a set of creative problem-solving question prompts that help you rethink problem-solving. Infinity Squared is a dice game that helps you practice and answer creative questions in a creative way, like in a skit or dance.

Kang says InnovatorsBox games are not only now digitally accessible, but also designed to be more aesthetic and calming. The game incorporates original music and original artwork produced by InnovatorsBox Studios ™. Kang says she made the games available for free to make creativity accessible to as many communities as possible. It only asks for credit and attribution. Kang says she hopes this will encourage leaders, innovators and educators to feel empowered to re-imagine, rethink and reconnect with their communities as creative beings in their own right.

Today’s four games at InnovatorsBox Games will be one of the many games Kang plans to produce online and offline to make learning creativity accessible. Kang is also working on a children’s game that will accompany his new children’s book Have You Seen My Friends?

You can play the game at and purchase the physical card and dice games at For creative collaboration or more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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