Hunt: Showdown is your gaming group’s next favorite game

For many, online games serve much more as interactive chat rooms than exclusive gaming experiences.

People hop on Forza Horizon for a few hours with their friends in order to drive mindlessly and catch up on the day. In the age of the pandemic, games have become more of a social space than ever, and as such, groups are constantly looking for the next game that will grab their attention and keep everyone engaged.

There have been plenty of co-op focused games released in the past year, and while they may have scratched that itch for a short time, they lack the tactical depth of something that will command attention. of your group for a while. Long duration. Something that will inspire stories told in group discussions for years after they happened. Enter Hunt: Confrontation.

In Hunt: Confrontation, the games see you and up to two friends enter a map, in order to hunt down a truly horrifying boss and claim your prize. On your way, you will encounter a number of hostile beings across the maps, the most dangerous of them being enemy players. Get out alive and you’ll earn experience that translates into powerful traits for your next match.

The tension of getting away with it by the skin of your teeth with your best character is really hard to replicate in other games. This is because if you fail to get out of a level, your character is lost forever. Faded away. All that XP, all that work, gone. There are permanent unlocks, like some weapons you can still buy, but all those traits you’ve accumulated are taken away.

Although it may sound hardcore, the game actually offers excellent balance and an inviting atmosphere for new players.

While it might initially seem crazy when you lose a character, it’s actually quite easy to get a new player into your playgroup in the game, as it’s designed to be enjoyable even if everyone else arrives with nothing. It’s not one of the many service games that expects you to play it full time for months on end if you want any fun.

Another element of Hunt: Confrontation what makes it unique is the game’s emphasis on stealth. Once you start to get to higher levels and deal with tougher enemy threats, learning how to sneak around maps is a great option. Coordinating your entire party to stealth together is incredibly rewarding, and it’s the kind of thing you can start working on early in the game.

This makes the inclusion of binaural sound design even more important and interesting: everything in the game makes noise, which can help you identify other teams, so it will always play a part in your tactical decision making.

Hunt: Showdown doesn’t want you to absolutely sprint through maps at full speed and that focus on stealth and enemy threat is part of that. It’s a real unique mix of mechanics, which are great fun to master, but even when you’re not the greatest player in the world, there’s a ton of fun to be had.

The gunplay is a great change of pace and really gets your party thinking about encounters instead of just running towards them headfirst and instantly dying. If you’re smart and subtle enough, you can follow an enemy team while they’re in trouble, and with a few well-placed bullets, take them out and take all your loot. The joy of knowing you’ve just inspired a massive argument in the opposing team’s group chat is unmatched.

Once you jump in, Hunt: Confrontation can quickly become an incredibly rewarding game that your gaming group will love. It can be intense, and the scope and opportunities for teamwork in the game go far beyond what’s offered by other games in similar genres.

There will be a bit of heartbreak the first time you lose a high level character, but each time you start over, you enter with the skills and knowledge of the last 10 characters. It also means that you actually care about every game and have to focus, otherwise all your hard work can quickly vanish if you’re not careful.

For a genre that’s typically about gameplay that you can basically ignore while you chat, Hunt: Showdown makes gameplay tangibly important and incredibly rewarding.

Even if no one in your party has played it, you can jump in and have a great time. Sure, it might take a while before you manage to clear the bounty and complete a level without a horde of enemies, both AI and human, chasing you, but the journey to get good in the game is incredibly fun.

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