Human experience and online play.


With the experience of the last two years, the idea of ​​a “virtual reality of the game which has been confined only to television could help the company in its evolution”.

We can’t handle a lot in an age of social distancing, climate change, mandatory vaccines, and many group protests. It gets to a point where we just want to take a break from the bitter reality we find ourselves in.

What if virtual gaming could be the next medium for human-to-human interaction and experience?

Yes, that might sound a bit crazy and far-fetched, but it’s not prohibitive.

Watch games like Fortnite, Call of duty, PUBG (battleground unknown to players). These are games where you adopt avatars and work with other players online to complete missions, but imagine a virtual game where these mobile experiences are multiplied, giving the user an out-of-the-world experience like never before. sees him in ‘Free guy’ and ‘Ready player one’. Can the gaming industry evolve to the point where one can get a wonderful realistic experience and more from a virtual gaming world?

Critics and cynics are expected to consider this ridiculous proposition or theory, arguing that human existence is best experienced in the real world we are in. However, whichever option gains popularity, the conversation is open for debate.

According to Essportstalk, as of May 17, 2021, “Combining the numbers between Cold War, Warzone and Modern Warfare, more than 113 million players are taking advantage of what call of duty has offered over the past two years.

And it’s just ‘Call of Duty’ alone!

When you see stats like this, it’s proof that the human experience and online gaming are merging, and the results could eventually become a perfect virtual game world on one side and a flawed reality on the one hand. other ; In which the citizens of the world can choose where they spend most of their time.

Will this futuristic merger be totally positive or negative? Time will tell us.

But hey! The merger is already underway.

Israel Olorunnisola is an independent creative. When he’s not writing about film, music, TV, or pop culture, he’s telling stories on Wattpad.

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