How did online Ludo become so popular?

Online games are becoming popular these days. People became obsessed with online games after the pandemic when boredom hit the world.

Among the online board games that people enjoy, Ludo online game has been available for a very long time.

Indeed, the enthusiasm for online ludo games is incredible in times of confinement. Ludo is one of the top rated games. Ludo can be played by people of all ages. Ludo is a simple game that has been played around the world for ages. It can bring people together so they can work together happily and have fun. They can spend quality time together and connect virtually.

Ludo’s story

During Mahabharata times, a game called Pachisi was played by Indian people. Ellora Caves in Maharashtra have Ludo encrypted within the walls. It was then somewhat reformed by the British people.

The slightly modified Pachisi, which is indeed an Indian creation, became the now played Ludo. Again, Ludo is called by different names in different parts of the world, such as Fia in Swedish and Eile mit Weile in German (Haste makes the step). In Africa it is called Ludu, while in China it is called Chatush pada.

In ancient times, people used cloth, wooden planks, dice, seeds, and seashells as tokens. A square board with four bright colors (red, green, yellow and blue) is now used. Each player chooses a color. 2-4 players can play the game. When played online, the other player can be a computer. This is purely the user’s choice.

The movement of the tokens is decided by the number rolled by the dice. In order to release all the pieces from the base, rolling the number 6 is mandatory. By rolling the number 6, the player gets an extra game in that round, while three consecutive sixes will cause the player to lose his chance.

The player can block squares for other players by placing two tokens on the same square. The opponent’s token that is already in the cross coincides with another player’s token, then the oldest occupied token is sent to the base.

Players take risks clockwise. The first player to move all the chips to the triangular house, which is the center of the board, is the winner. Other players keep playing to find out the second ones.

Ludo for entertainment in 2022

Beyond being a simple game, Ludo teaches us important life lessons. Although there is no strategic thinking or intelligence involved in Ludo, staying patient can bring you success. The start of the game may not decide the winner, but the game will be way too exciting. Plan ahead and think about the possibilities so other players may have a hard time.

With Ludo online, people who play games can have fun with the user interface. An attractive interface with fun animations and bright colors is eye-catching. They capture the audience’s interest so quickly and they are also very refreshing to play.

Sometimes winning a Ludo online can be rewarded with money. Above all, it is nostalgic to play games with friends and family and create memories. Especially when confinement has become the daily routine, online Ludo has saved many people’s lives!

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