Hot Wheels Unleashed now features multiplayer and cross-platform content

Those on PlayStation can race those on Xbox, as well as download each other’s track builds and livery designs in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

It’s a thrilling moment when you gon’ ignite Hot Wheels Unleashed and the following alert appears on your screen.

“Cross-platform play features are available.”

You read correctly. Game developer Milestone hit yet another one Milestone now allowing players on other platforms to access the same tracks and leaderboards, regardless of the console you play on.

Hot Wheels Unleashed cross-play cross-platform multiplayer

By heading to your Unleashed Profile section in the options menu, users can toggle between enabling and disabling the cross-platform feature.

In multiplayer mode, the player list will not only show each gamertag, chosen vehicle and WiFi signal strength (that’s interesting too), you’ll also see an icon with the PlayStation/Xbox logo or the iconic M – which indicates that the player is using a different platform than yours.

In addition to more Hot Wheelers from around the world, your content library access will also expand across all platforms, meaning you’ll be able to find and download more tracks and liveries than ever before.

Hot Wheels Unleashed comes cross-platform

Recently, the Italian studio also added the same feature to another of its titles, MotoGP 22. However, MotoGP users on the Steam PC and Nintendo Switch version are currently unable to cross-play, which also seems to be the case for Hot Wheels Unleashed. .

I pressed play on my Steam PC version and didn’t get the cross-platform alert, nor did my multiplayer show different icons next to each player to indicate cross-play. On PlayStation, however – as you can see in these images – it worked with aplomb.

Hot Wheels Unleashed cross-platform multiplayer and content enabled

Patience, my friends. With an incredible core technology development team on board, Milestone will hopefully have a solution for the latest releases in the future.

Either way, Hot Wheels unleashing the power of cross-platform play is a huge expansion of the already successful game and we look forward to the vast archive of epic track builds, sensational livery designs and fierce competition from around the world.

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