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Start your week with a Monday briefing on the most read articles from the global mobile games industry over the past seven days on

1) Aonic acquires exmox for nearly $100 million

It’s all happening in the ad-tech city. “Nearly $100 million” brought Exmox into the family. Notably, Aonic recently invested $60 million in AddApptr. With so much money to spend, it’s clear that Aonic is one to watch.

2) Supercell will shelve Clash Quest in September

Supercell’s unicorn hunting expectations strike again, as Clash Quest falls short of expectations and is lined up for early retirement.

3) Samir Agili: The Emergence of Web3 Games Resets the Playing Field

The Tilting Point CEO took a moment from his busy day to tell us about his experiences in the industry and his thoughts on the future.

4) Tencent reports first quarterly loss since first listing in 2004

Market normalization following the pandemic is cited as the cause, but there are other interesting snippets in there.

5) Is the story of AppLovin, Unity and ironSource really over?

While Unity has made it clear that they don’t want to switch to Applovin over ironSource, they haven’t made it impossible to reach a deal.


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