Horizon Forbidden West player discovers interesting details after reaching the top of the mountain

Players have made discoveries in Forbidden Horizon Westthe sequel to the success of Guerrilla Games in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawnfor months now. zero dawn was a huge success and west forbidden also enjoys great popularity around the world, as these different discoveries related to graphics and gameplay provide players with replayability as well as different goals to achieve.

One such player is seen in the video below climbing to the top of the mountain in the center of the map, above the main game area, and discovering something about the Tallnecks that are visible in the distance. Big passes in Forbidden Horizon West are the sometimes elusive and highly prized method by which the main character, Aloy, unveils more sections of the game’s vast map as she traverses post-apocalyptic Western America. Aloy climbs to the top of these towers and uses her spear’s overdrive mechanism to download map data, allowing the player to dispel the fog of war on the game map.


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In the video, Redditor onlylaiden climbed to the top of the tallest peak in the small central mountain range that houses the main central area of ​​the game where the player returns to restock and talk to companions, some of the best characters in Forbidden Horizon West. From there, the player pans left to right, sometimes zooming in with the bow sights, to peek at four of the game’s six Tallnecks that are visible from that location. Considering the game’s map spans over five miles long and three miles wide, this feat says a lot about the game’s render distance as well as the major emphasis the developers have placed on narrative consistency. and graphics. These Tallnecks, in order of appearance, are: The Stillsands, The Shining Wastes, Salt Bite and Cinnabar Sands.

The Tallnecks are the Guerrilla Games version of the Ubisoft towers. The Tallneck at Cinnabar Sands is the first Aloy encounters on her journey, being east of the location, and the Tallneck at the Stillsands is likely next. The other two, however, are not accessible to Aloy until much later in the game. The Salt Bite Tallneck does not become available until the player completes the Cauldron: IOTA quest and replaces the Tallneck upon completion, the making it out of its underground facility to surface, and, last but not least, the Tallneck at the Shining Wastes is the most elusive as it requires Aloy to replace a Sunwing and fly high above it and glide towards it with his Shieldwing, the in-game glider.

Many game developers who work on open-world games create these towers, places where players can go to reveal pieces of the map, but Forbidden Horizon West adds different twists to each, keeping it fresh. Each Tallneck in the game feels like a different experience instead of a repetitive monotony of rounds.

Although many of the game’s players were probably hoping to see another type of massive machine instead of the Tallnecks that also featured in the game’s prequel, Horizon Zero Dawnthe new way west forbidden handles each allows a varied and pleasant game.

Forbidden Horizon West is currently available for PS4 and PS5.

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