Halo Infinite Forge mode details with programming features leaked – games


It’s good to be critical, it’s a good thing in my humble opinion. But 343 has never delayed a game before. 343 always said the game would run on the old Xbox, is that the hype the studio is supposed to be creating? The hype that the game should have looked better did not happen in 343. The reveal was received critically resulting in a delay. People wanted a better product. So in this case the delay is actually a good thing, which is why there shouldn’t be any “wine”.

Game studios, booths, etc. are also easy to assemble.
343 at least listen, we’ve been building a pre-flight for years… it’s been clear for a long time that the game studio is in trouble. Developing a new engine wasn’t easy with the start of what the studio was like. I find it a bit easy that this is a problem that I have done on my own. Since there has been a lot of delay lately. Each new gene is normal, but now a little more with the aura.

In general I agree with you, just in this case I don’t think 343 was misled. Also, the delay was fine here. They don’t have to go after Cyberpunk.

Just something as simple as running the game on all the different Xboxes seems complicated to me. Like the main boss group … a complex job for a “new” studio. Do not mistake yourself. There are many better studios out there, but they also fail hard and just release their products.

On the contrary, I think the 343 has really gained some goodwill from all of its options recently. They are also not to be compared to the worst of those who surely do those obscure things I said. Two years, that’s all …

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